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Comprehensive Coordination: Combining Print & Digital Marketing In The Uniform Industry

Combining Print and Digital Marketing in the Uniform Industry

“Print or digital marketing… can’t I do both?” If you’ve ever thought this, you’re on the right track! Not only are print and digital marketing not mutually exclusive, but they complement each other, allowing you to deliver a consistent message to customers in myriad contexts. As a uniform marketer appealing to businesses in your area, this type of coordinated publicity is of enormous value to you. But to make the most of it, you need to know how to incorporate both types of marketing into a campaign. The following guide will teach you to do just that:

Step 1: Create a Consistent Message

The first step to coordinating digital and print marketing is to come up with a consistent message for your company. Decide on a central set of selling points, values, and key facts about yourself, and base your marketing materials around them. This will allow you to avoid any inconsistencies between your print and digital marketing materials. Clients will thus get the same message from both, lowering the risk that they will ever feel confused or misled.

Step 2: Define Your Customers

Once you’ve decided on a consistent message, you need to evaluate which customers you’ll be appealing to with each type of marketing. Typically, your digital marketing efforts will be aimed at people who look for uniforms and related products online, who are often managers responsible for outfitting their employees. Print materials, on the other hand, are frequently distributed at corporate events, so you may want to aim them at representatives who attend such events on behalf of their companies.

Step 3: Select the Particulars

Having decided whom your print and digital marketing campaigns will target, you need to select particular types of print and digital materials. Popular print marketing materials include flyers, brochures, mailers, and posters. Meanwhile, digital marketing content includes blog posts, search engine ads, ebooks, and video spots, as well as digitized versions of your print materials. Consider how your company could use each of these, and select the ones that will be most appealing to your target customers.

Step 4: Cross-Reference Your Materials

Prospective clients who see your print materials may want more information on the uniforms they promote, and could benefit from viewing your digital marketing spots. So you should include web addresses and QR codes in your print materials that link to your digital ones. Likewise, those who first see your digital materials may want the print ones to show to their colleagues. So direct them to PDFs of those materials, which they can download at will; if possible, you should also give them the option of ordering the print materials to be delivered to their office.

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