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Employee Engagement: Why Your Own Workers Are Your Greatest Marketing Asset


Keep your friends close and your employees closer? As a uniform company, you’re always on the lookout for ways to network with potential clients. From clubs and civic organizations to your children’s school to professional events, these clients could be anywhere, so it’s in your interest to stay alert. But some of your greatest opportunities for connecting with clients are closer to home. Your own employees likely know countless people who would be interested in purchasing your uniforms, and have a unique opportunity to engage with them. By leveraging your employees for networking and other promotional activities, you can expand your client base quickly and effortlessly.

Navigating Employees’ Networks

The simplest way to promote your company through your employees is by taking advantage of their social networks. Many of your workers likely have friends and family members who either own the organization they work for or occupy an important administrative role in it. You can leverage these connections by:

  • Looking for Opportunities– Ask your employees to look out for anyone who indicates they would like to buy new uniforms or professional gear. If someone does, your employees should encourage them to take a look at your offerings.
  • Post on Social Media– Encourage your workers to post about your company on social media, especially when it is hosting an event or offering discounts. This ensures that people in their networks will learn about your company and the benefits of working with you.
  • Wear Your Apparel– If possible given the specific nature of your wares, get employees to wear some of your merchandise at home or to social events. This puts your company’s name and logo in the minds of their friends and family while helping those people visualize how your uniforms look on an ordinary person.

In taking these actions, your employees can lend you one of the most valuable resources in marketing: trust. Consumers and businesses are far more likely to purchase a product if it’s endorsed by someone they know and care about, simply because they trust that person to only recommend worthwhile wares. By endorsing your product to their friends and family, your employees make it stand out in the most powerful and positive way, dramatically improving your prospects for a sale.

Other Ways of Engaging Employees

In addition to asking them to endorse your gear, try to get your employees to appear in photos, videos, and other media that shows the inner workings of your company. The more of your workers you can get to take part in these activities, the more you humanize your company. Clients don’t want to buy from some faceless corporate entity; they want to do business with real people whom they can identify with. And there’s no better way to show your company is made up of real people than by featuring those people at every opportunity.

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