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How A Single Administrative Portal Can Help You Streamline the B2B eCommerce Experience

Single Administrative Portal

Uniform companies around the world are gradually discovering the magic of a single administrative portal. It can oversee and manage all of your uniform clientele. One such company, Maevn, a premiere scrubs supplier.

It partnered with an eCommerce platform provider and built a single administrative portal. With this, they could manage all of their wholesale accounts as well as group purchases – all through a single administrative portal. And they’re not the only ones.

But why should that matter? Well, if you’re the CXO/owner of a uniform manufacturing business or an executive working at a uniform manufacturing/supply company. It’s in your best interest to secure a portal that can help you streamline the B2B eCommerce experience. It helps majorly in increasing your accounts and boost your overall sales.

However, until companies like UniformMarket began to offer such technology. The platform providers could not offer a sole location to uniform companies. If it provides then it could be easy to manage all of their assets, customers, programs on a single platform.

Uniform providers like to manage accounts from multiple locations and handle orders manually. This left a lot of room for error, which caused mismatched product descriptions and incorrect pricing. Not having a sole location for your eCommerce programs and clientele leaves too much to chance.

How It Streamlines the Experience

A single portal can help you manage both your B2C and wholesale eCommerce accounts. It also helps to manage customer segmentation, and provide a seamless buying experience for all your customers. It does help to reduce human errors and incorrect data by integrating all your eCommerce platforms with a PIM and/or ERP system.

Moreover, it reduces human interventions. It handles the uniform requirements of all your customers like order processing, multiple payment options, shipping settings, and more. It will let you enjoy a bird’ eye view of your business performance across all accounts.

To put it simply, one portal such as a Wholesale Commerce. It will revolutionize the way you can manage and scale all of your B2C, wholesale, and group selling accounts.

In terms of wholesale, a Wholesale Commerce can help manage specific wholesale customer groups like retailers, dealers, etc. There will be no need to log in to multiple platforms.

For B2C, you may also sell to individual customers and effectively manage your retail sales. When it comes to group selling, it provides and manages uniform programs for large organizations. In which complex requirements like multiple payment options, approval rules, and more will be provided.

Finding the Right Portal For Your Needs

Ideally, a capable eCommerce platform will solve a majority of your industry challenges. Only if they have the right expertise in building uniform-specific solutions. They will also offer built-in enterprise connectors to sync data.

This process will be done between your PIM, ERP, Marketing Automation tools, and separate accounting software. Lastly, it should be a cloud-based solution that can effortlessly support more stores and organizations as your business growth demands it.

A comprehensive wholesale eCommerce channel can efficiently manage all of your retailer accounts with ease. It will market, promote, and merchandise your business. It should also let you manage orders from inventory to integrating with accounting and ERP systems. And now, thankfully, you have the tools and expertise to find the right platform provider.


All in all, a single Wholesale Commerce is a great way to provide your shoppers and clients a great online uniform purchasing experience. This lets you choose from a wide array of intuitive website designs and functionalities.

With open-source APIs that can let you manage all of your business systems right from your platform. It also helps to manage your wholesale/B2C/group selling accounts.

This finally solves the gap between serving uniforms to individual shoppers and retailers alike while reducing human errors and incorrect data.