BlogB2B EcommerceHow SellersCommerce built a fully-customizable multi-store platform that could support over 400 retailers and their stores

How SellersCommerce built a fully-customizable multi-store platform that could support over 400 retailers and their stores

How SellersCommerce built a fully-customizable multi-store platform that could support over 400 retailers and their stores

Building a multi-store e-commerce platform can be a pretty puzzling task in spite of the huge magnitude and quantity of its benefits. This especially holds true when the requirement comprises of over 400 stores.  

However, with the right solution and a flexible platform, launching a multi-store e-commerce platform can be a walk in the park.  

No, this isn’t a mere exaggeration. Read on to know how we built a fully customizable multi-store platform for Careismatic Brands so that they could support over 400 retailer stores and more through it.  

Let’s start from the beginning.  

A Little Bit About Careismatic Brands 

Careismatic Brands, formerly known as Strategic Partners, Inc., is the world’s leading healthcare, apparel, and footwear provider that innovates, manufactures, and distributes school uniforms, corporate identity uniforms, adaptive clothing, and accessories.  

Some of their flagship brands include popular brands such as Cherokees® Medical Uniforms, Dickies® Medical, Classroom, Tooniforms, and more. 

Today, they have expanded their reach to over 60 international markets and have offices in the USCanada, and the far east.  

So, what’s the problem, you might be asking.  

The Bigger the Brand, The Bigger the Need for Better Tech  

Since Careismatic Brands has amassed more brands under its belt, the need for a stronger, more stable program that could house them all securely grew.  

Careismatic Brands, initially used their very own solution, PIE Program (Partners in eCommerce), to support their retailers. With this, they allowed smaller retailers to leverage their platform and go digital and have their own e-commerce stores.  

Through the PIE program, Careismatic brands were able to provide their retailers with the required technology and backend support they would need to successfully run their digital stores.  

However, with time, as the numbers increased, the technology they had created themselves could no longer support their own growing needs.  

“We created PIE 15 years ago,” a Careismatic representative stated, “but as technology constantly evolves, it became obsolete six months later. We also built our own CRM called Madena 15 years ago, too. But as more retailers started working with us, we realized our old platforms weren’t going to keep up with all this demand. We had to start moving off of some of these older platforms because we’re just not updating it the way we should be. We’re not spending enough time on it nor using best practices for it. We’re basically just keeping it alive and we want to take it to the next level.” 

So naturally, they began the search for a tech company that could provide a sustainable solution to help them meet their needs. 

Enter SellersCommerce! 

Essentially, Careismatic Brands was looking for an easy-to-use platform, so that its customers can easily adapt and move onto the new platform without any hiccups.  

“We wanted to make sure that we cleaned up on our own PIE platform and that our retailers would be getting the right feeds from us and that we’re improving the overall experience of all Careismatic brands that are on the platform. So, if we’re gonna improve on PIE, let’s also make sure that the transition to a new platform was simple, too.” 

Careismatic Brands discovered SellersCommerce through our CEO, Ashok Reddy, and quickly realized that we possess all the tools to meet their requirements.  

“I liked Ashok, the CEO, a lot. He had a lot of good things to say. We knew about SellersCommerce already just from being in the same space. We, ultimately, selected them because we thought they had the nimble attitude and capabilities of delivering a powerful, customized platform that could support all of our brands and retailers. Not to mention, we also liked the team and we knew right away they would do whatever it took to make it work. They think and work outside the box. I think highly of their CEO. I liked his vision and the things he had to say. We didn’t look at too many options. We knew we wanted SellersCommerce.”  

SellersCommerce’s Solution 

Given our long-standing expertise in creating multiple e-commerce stores in a short amount of time, we clearly understood their requirements and started the transition.  

Some of their primary requirements were: 

  • Ensure all of their stores are smoothly transitioned to a single platform. 
  • Make it easier for newer clients to adapt to the new platform.  
  • Build all their e-commerce stores in compliance with ADA (American with Disabilities Act). 

Once the transition was completed, Careismatic Brands reaped the following benefits: 

  • Smoothly transitioned to a multi-store e-commerce platform that can support over 400 retail stores. 
  • Launch a new store effortlessly by simply choosing a template and selecting catalogs.  
  • Manage a huge number of web stores through a single platform.  
  • House multiple brands under one roofwith the option to add more in the future.  
  • Essentially leverage the platform to make more sales by quickly building Brand Stores and Group Stores.  
  • Create a unique shopping experience for each of its retailers.  
  • Enjoy additional nifty features like Embroidery Manager to customize products and provide customers with a unique and personalized experience.  

“The support and the technical service SellersCommerce offered was key. We had a team doing support on the backend, but again it was all becoming obsolete. SellersCommerce offered us options we previously did not have access to including embroidery options, having the ability to have larger groups, and a lot of even our retail partners…let’s say if they land a big hospital, SellersCommerce can build a microsite out for them, brand it, and support it on the backend. We liked that feature. The technology is just sort of next-level compared to everyone else and we look forward to a continued relationship with SellersCommerce.” 

SellersCommerce provided a robust and flexible multi-store e-commerce platform that is backed by highly-trained professionals, unlike anything Careismatic Brands had ever experienced before