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Industry Alliances: Why Uniform Sellers Need To Align With Other Businesses For Marketing

Marketing your uniform company is no easy task. No matter how skilled you are at publicity, it’s always a challenge to adjust to new technology, anticipate new consumer trends, and keep your company at the forefront of the market. But the good news is that you don’t have to go it alone! Every other modern business is going through the same thing, and by working together, you and other firms can help each other adjust to every new trend and stay ahead in your marketing efforts. It is thus essential that you form alliances with other businesses, and that begins with:

Identifying Potential Partners

The first step in forming marketing alliances is to identify companies that will make good partners. Such companies can include:

  • Past customers who have bought your uniforms
  • Uniform suppliers and others who sell you essential inputs
  • Companies that you meet at professional associations and industry events
  • Organizations in the same town or towns where you operate, especially those that are frequently involved in civic or cultural events

Finding partners is all about determining the right level of relevance. You generally can’t form alliances with other uniform companies, since those firms are competing with you. On the other hand, you don’t want to align with businesses that have nothing to do with yours, as you’re unlikely to be targeting the same customers. By selecting partners whose needs complement yours, you can form the foundation for an effective alliance.

Offering Early Support

Once you’ve found businesses that you’d like to partner with, offer them some free publicity from the start. Mention them by name in your company blog, and hyperlink that content to their website. Likewise, you should favorite them on social media and share or retweet their posts on topics that relate to your company.

Offering early publicity isn’t just about making your potential partners happy with you. It also allows you to show them the benefits of working with you. If your endorsement earns them even a few new customers, they’ll realize just how beneficial it can be to market in tandem, making them eager to form an alliance.

Setting Up a Strategy

When you’ve convinced a potential partner to join you in a joint marketing effort, it’s time to come up with a plan. Start by identifying all the ways in which your marketing efforts overlap. Select potential customers that you’re both trying to appeal to, and then think about what marketing activities could get them interested in both of your products at once. You can then determine what types of content you want to publish and when you want to publish it. Finally, you can assign a division of labor, so that each of you are contributing to your marketing efforts in the most effective way you can.

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