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SellersCommerce adds new features and functionalities to its platform

As part of our constant endeavor to provide our customers with the best eCommerce experience, SellersCommerce recently has added new features and functionalities to its 3 flagship products/platforms.

While some of these additions are aimed at providing a better user and shopping experience, a few others provide a much more significant operational behavior in the form of productivity, flexibility, and efficiency.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the newly released features.

Retail Commerce

Retail Commerce is our main product for uniform retailers and distributors who provide uniforms to small-medium business enterprises as well as individual shoppers.

The latest additions to it are:

Custom login pages

In addition to the existing flexibility of providing a personalized experience to your clients and their employees in the form of having a customized storefront that represents their branding and colors, we have now enabled a custom login page to provide the same functionality.

You will now be able to customize your client’s login page with their branding and colors to welcome them with a great and personalized user experience. From adding banners and images to displaying personalized text, you can do it all.

Fine-tuned import performance

This is one of those tiny changes that will have a significant impact on your daily activities.

Uniform retailers who’ve recently set up a new store or are in the process of importing new product line up into their store had to go through a harrowing wait time to import the data.

This is usually the case when you have thousands and thousands of products from different catalogs to be imported onto your online uniform store.

We’ve fixed that by fine-tuning the rate of import of products by making the transfer 75% quicker.

Form Builder

Forms are one of the most important tools to convert your store’s traffic into potential prospects. So, we’ve added the Form Builder application into our app store’s portfolio.

The Form Builder will allow you to build and design your own forms with ‘N’ number of fields you can possibly imagine or need.

The forms built through the Form Builder are simple, straightforward, and is also mobile-friendly. You may place them anywhere in your online uniform store.

MySize and Fitle sizing solutions

Size fit solutions are the need of the hour for the apparel industry, especially in today’s contactless and socially-distant world

So, we’ve partnered with MySize and Fitle, two of the prominent sizing solutions that are available for the apparel and uniform industries to bring to you a seamless, accurate, and safe sizing solution onto your online uniform stores.

MySize is a sensor-based sizing technology that captures a shopper’s measurements, accurately calculates, and provides a personalized sizing recommendation for a perfect fit.

Fitle sizing solution on the other hand also provides size recommendation based on preferences and the shopper’s morphology based on their age, height, weight, and body shape.

These sizing solutions can effectively help you in:

  • Reducing order returns due to incorrect size
  • Boost conversion and in turn revenue
  • Provide insights into measurements and buying trends
  • Data and reports to better understand your customers, and lastly
  • Provides a better shopping experience and promote loyalty

Canada Post

Uniform providers who are using our Retail Commerce platform can now utilize an additional shipping provider through Canada Post to deliver products across Canada.

This is in addition to the existing shipping providers, USPS and FedEx.

Custom URLs for better SEO

This is probably the handiest yet efficient change among this list, that we’ve added to our platform. We have enabled customization of URLs of your online uniform store, in order to make it more SEO-friendly.

The URL customizations can now be done by default without any extra charges. That being said, if you are not sure how to utilize this nifty feature, or require further assistance in the SEO matter, you can always reach out to your customer service rep.

Uniform Program Management

Uniform Program Management is one of our flagship products that is aimed at uniform providers who cater to the uniform requirements of large organizations.

While it provides most of the functionality of our Retail Commerce, it takes it up a notch by providing additional features for complex rules and restrictions.

Below are some of the noteworthy upgrades we did to Uniform Program Management.

Fine-tuned import performance

Being a solution that is aimed at enterprises, it is natural that the import of large amounts of data will take a significant time to complete when compared to that of small-medium businesses.

We understood that those on our platform constantly import huge amounts of new employee data onto their uniform stores. So, we’ve cut down the import time by a sizable 30%.

Currency conversion

A lot of uniform providers on our platform provide uniforms to organizations across multiple locations. This means they need to display the pricing based on the location.

So, we added the new currency conversion feature so that you may utilize this feature to display the appropriate currency to your customers based on their location.

Brand Syndication

Brand Syndication is another of our revolutionary products that enable uniform suppliers to directly sync their product catalog with our huge network of uniform retailers at the click of a button.

While we regularly maintain a huge portfolio of over 120 supplier catalogs on our platform, we also ensure that we constantly update this number for our retailer network.

Recently, we added Landway, which provides corporate uniforms, and Safeguard which is into both corporate uniforms and promotional products.

All the above features and enhancements that we added to our products and platforms were done after hearing from our customers. So, do let us know if you require further functionalities on our platform by dropping in a mail to

If you are new here, get on a quick call with one of our experts to discuss your business requirements.