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Tagline Tips: How To Create A Unique Message For Your Uniform Company

When building a positive brand for your company, some of the smallest creative choices can play a defining role. This is never more clear than with your tagline, a seemingly simple line of text with the potential to determine how customers think of you for the long haul. A tagline gives you the potential to define your priorities and establish your knowledge of the community you serve. Thus as a uniform business trying to build legitimacy and trust among potential customers, you need to craft your tagline as carefully and effectively as possible, and that begins with:

Keeping it Short & Simple

Your tagline needs to be something customers can remember after the first time they see it. The shorter and less complex it is, the easier it will be for your customers to do that. Since the point of the tagline is to communicate important information customers will need to remember when making a purchase, you should think of the single most important element of your company and base the tagline on that. Don’t worry about going into detail or describing specific services. There will be plenty of time for that once your tagline drives customers to learn more.

Emphasizing Your Main Source of Value

When deciding which element of your company to put front and center in your tagline, it’s best to focus on the way that you contribute the most value to your customers. For many uniform companies, this is the ability to reduce the incidence of workplace accidents. A tagline like “Keeping You Safe Under All Circumstances” will make it clear to customers that this is the main thing they can expect from you; clients who put an emphasis on safety will then want to learn more. Likewise, if the main value of your uniforms is to give your clients a professional look, something like “Professional Gear for a Business Environment” will make this clear.

Make sure that the focus of your tagline is something that you can deliver. The last thing you want to do is promise clients more than that and leave them disillusioned when they dig deeper. A promising but realistic tagline will set the right expectations, gaining and holding the interest of prospective clients.

Using Local Speech

When marketing uniforms to a specific geographic area, you want to show clients that you’re part of the local culture. There’s no better way to do this than by using region-specific language in your tagline. Different communities have different words for the same products. For example, athletic shoes are known as “sneakers” in the northeastern United States, “gym shoes” in Midwestern cities like Cincinnati and Chicago, and “tennis shoes” everywhere else in the country. If you’re providing this sort of shoe for workplaces in one of these areas, make sure to use the right term for that region.

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