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Uniforms & YouTube: Marketing Your Gear Through Online Videos

Few companies have done more to define the digital era than YouTube. Since it first came on the scene in February of 2005, this video-sharing site has redefined everything from music to comedy to blogging to television. It’s thus little surprise that it’s one of the hottest platforms for marketing, including both direct advertising and subtler content strategies. As a uniform marketer, you need to incorporate YouTube into your digital marketing strategy. The following tips will help you build a renowned, respected brand on this essential site:

1. Start a Series

The simplest way to promote yourself on YouTube is to start posting regular video blogs, or vlogs. These can be about daily life in your company, your employees’ life stories, debates and discussions related to your industry, or any number of other relevant topics. By posting these videos, you establish a voice for your brand. Customers come to associate you with a particular style of speaking and presenting, making it easier for them to understand what you say. You can thus more easily communicate with them, allowing you to explain the benefits of your gear, special offers, and other details that will help you win them over.

2. Interact with Influencers

Influencers are individuals with large numbers of online followers. These people can command thousands or even millions of views on YouTube, so it’s in your interest to form relationships with them. Select some influencers who talk about topics related to your uniforms, and start sharing and commenting on their videos. Once you’ve gained their attention, try to get a sense of whether they’d be willing to talk about or wear some of your products in their videos. Consider what kind of compensation they’d appreciate; some will wear or promote products they get for free, while others will expect monetary compensation. If you can get them to display your wares, you’ll instantly gain widespread, positive publicity.

3. Participate in Discussions

The YouTube comment sections are full of discussions and debates. By participating in these conversations, you can gain recognition while making yourself look like an authority. Identify conversations that are relevant to your uniforms, such as those about workplace safety. Then begin commenting in a respectful but confident way. Direct people to your videos for more information, and mention your products when it makes sense to do so. In this way, you earn the trust of anyone interested in products like yours.

4. Link to Other Media

YouTube marketing is most effective if you connect it to your company’s other social media platforms. Whenever you post a new YouTube video, for example, you can share it on Facebook and Twitter. Likewise, you can put links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in video descriptions. In this way, you connect followers of one platform to the others, so they never miss an important post.

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