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Unusual Uniforms: How To Market Your Company’s Customized Features

Success in the uniform industry is all about setting yourself apart from the competition. Clients often see uniforms as a static thing, so if you can present yourself and your wares as dynamic and engaging, you can win those clients over for the long haul. One of the most effective ways for your company to be dynamic is by offering customization that tailors your gear to the unique needs of your clients. Clients will be far more interested in your company if you make it clear that you can customize their gear in the way they want most. But to do this, you must learn how to work this ability into your publicity strategy.

Tips for Marketing Your Customization Features

One of the easiest ways to market your capacity to customize is to simply describe this ability directly. Publish marketing content on a regular basis that explains the benefits of purchasing customized uniforms to your clients, and then make it clear that you can offer them this. You can also publish content about the specific equipment that your company uses for customization, emphasizing the fact that you invest in the latest technology to aid your clients. These types of content directly communicate your ability to customize uniforms, so any client who is specifically looking for customized gear will find you and take an interest in your company.

In addition to this direct approach, there are a number of indirect strategies you can use to reinforce your value as a uniform seller who can customize professional gear. These include:

  • Publishing Pictures– With your clients’ permission, post pictures of their employees wearing customized uniforms. Try to include different versions of the same gear, so it’s clear that the items you offer can be modified to meet clients’ desires. For example, if you sell restaurant uniforms, you can post pictures of employees at different restaurants wearing the same items, but with different names and logos displayed on them.
  • Sponsoring Events– Get involved with festivals and civic events in your community, and offer to contribute outfits as a way of supporting those activities. Then customize those outfits. For example, say that you sell sanitation uniforms, and there is a river cleanup event in your town. You can contribute free uniforms to volunteers who participate in the event, and customize those uniforms by putting the name of the event on them. This way, everyone who participates will see your ability to customize.
  • Customizing Your Own Gear– Create customized gear for your own employees, and ask them to wear it in any photos or videos that you publish on your website. When clients see these photos and videos, they’ll realize that you were able to put your own spin on your uniforms, and will assume you can do the same for them.

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