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White label or own eCommerce solution? We make it easier for you to decide

Most business which is not technically strong always struggle with the decision to either build their own eCommerce solution or simply choose a white label eCommerce solution.

While making the right decision goes a long way in either making or breaking their business, it isn’t an easy one to make.

If you’re wondering what exactly a white label eCommerce solution is, here’s a guide to know everything about it.

Coming back to the question of choosing between White label eCommerce and your own solution, we understand that you only want the best for your business, making this decision a critical one to make, so we answer it for you through this article.

We went the old and dependable route of pros and cons to answer it for you. Let’s start with:

Building your own eCommerce solution

1.Pro: Control

When it comes to building your own eCommerce solution, the primary advantage is that you have complete control over the end product. You can tweak the solution however you want to make it fit your business or your client’s requirements. You will also have complete control over who you are going to sell to and pricing it appropriately.

2.Con: Technically weak

The main downside to building your own eCommerce solution is that you might be in a business that is strong in manufacturing or distributing something like uniforms, promotional products, or even medical equipment, but you might not have the technical expertise in building an eCommerce solution. In this case, it can prove to be an expensive affair with very few chances of succeeding.

3.Pro: Your brand

Another reason why most businesses chooses to build their own eCommerce solution from scratch is due to the fact that they can build their own brand. You get to define your product as you seem fit, take credit for the work you put in, and receive direct feedback from your customers which can eventually be considered and developed on.

4.Con: Reinvent the wheel

As mentioned above, you might be receiving direct feedback from your customers on your eCommerce solution, however, that may not be up-to-date feedback as you may potentially end up reinventing the wheel and losing out on precious time before bringing in the final product into the market.

5.Pro: Align with your business goals

Your own eCommerce solutions also mean that you get to build in a way that it aligns perfectly in sync with your business goals and vision and eventually build an empire out of it.

6.Con: Expensive

In addition to delaying your time to market, you may also end up spending significantly more on building your own eCommerce solution in the form of developing tools that may already exist in the market, hiring experts who can build such solutions, and overall maintenance of the platform throughout the years to come.

And that’s everything about building your own eCommerce solution. Let’s move on to the interesting part:

White Label eCommerce

While all the cons mentioned in the above section can act like a pro for white label eCommerce, let’s take a different spin on it.

1.Pro: Years of expertise

The white label eCommerce solution you are likely to purchase from is most likely from a technically adept company with years of expertise in that domain. They might have already tested on different iterations of the platform by taking feedback from their customers and will be selling you the finished product for you to start using.

2. Con: Customers will associate any weakness with you

Even though the chances of this are very less, there is a possibility for your customers to identify few bugs or lack of certain features in the platform and associate them with you. This is because they will think that you have developed this eCommerce solution.

3. Pro: Owning a product/brand quick

Bringing a finished product to the market is never easy and quick. However, with a white label solution, your time to market is drastically reduced as you will be given a finished product. These solutions are fully integrated and ready to use, which makes your branding easy and quick. The best part, you save a lot of time and money on research and development.

4. Con: Very little say in product development

While this might not be the case with all white label eCommerce providers, it can be a disadvantage in a few cases. You might have very little to contribute in terms of the end product’s functionality and features as you will be delivered a finished product, making it not so customized to fit your business requirements.

5. Pro: Allows you to focus on what you do best

Yes, the main reason why businesses opt for a white label eCommerce solution is that it provides them the time and liberty to focus on what they do best, which is running their businesses. As all the technical work of maintaining the platform and providing support will be handled by the eCommerce providers, you will have much more time to focus on the operational side of the business.

6.Con: Might not be for all

Certain eCommerce solutions might not be made for all kinds of businesses. For example, IT companies, start-ups, web development agencies, SaaS providers, manufacturers and distributors among many others have specific requirements. Few businesses might want a platform that can handle upwards of 500 stores at a time, while a few other businesses might just want the functionality to maintain listings. So, a particular solution might not be a right fit of all the businesses.

Now that we are done with the pros and cons, you may make your judgement on what works for you more. If you’re not aware already, SellersCommerce provides one of the best white label eCommerce solutions in the market.

If you’re wondering why, you must choose our white label eCommerce solutions, we’ve ensured that not only the above-mentioned pros but also the cons were considered and designed our product to cater to a wider audience. Here’s what you get from SellersCommerce’s white label eCommerce solution:

  • Have complete control over the end product and its branding
  • Costs a fraction of developing your own platform and works much more effectively
  • Can be further customized/personalize to your business goals or customer’s requirements
  • Works perfectly for both SMBs and Enterprise’s requirements
  • Designed and developed by a credible and trusted company with years of experience
  • Your custom platform comes with all the tools, services, and APIs you might require
  • Lifetime updates and customer support

Get in touch with us to know more about our white label eCommerce solution.