Our primary focus is to offer robust features that cater to your business no matter which industry it belongs to.

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Content Management System (CMS)

  • Flexible Layouts

    Our CMS allows your team to customize the layout of your site with ease and speed! The intuitive layout is perfect for seasoned designers and novices alike.

    WYSIWYG Tools

    See your adjustments in real time with simple drag and drop widgets without the need of having a background in coding. Perfect for quick edits and updating images and products!
  • CSS Editor

    Our CSS editor lets you make changes across your pages whether they're dynamic or static. Easily change elements and classes to overhaul the skin of your site in seconds!
  • Edit Every Page Instantly

    Each page can be customized and edited in seconds using our expansive tool options. Whether you need to add video, image, text, or forms we've got you covered!
  • Widgets For Content Placement

    Resizable widgets help you place content with full freedom to match your website design. The widgets also make segregating your design elements with ease.
  • Create Your Own Widgets

    Whether you want dynamic or static pages, we offer that functionality out of the box. Create specific pages, categories, and more in seconds.
  • Powerful Design & Content Editors

    Quickly update the look and feel of your site using our fluid design and content editors within the platform.
  • Create Landing Pages, Categories

    Whether you want dynamic or static pages we offer that functionality out of the box. Create specific pages, categories, ?and more in seconds.

Brand Syndication

  • Automatic Product & Pricing Updates

    Our CMS allows your team to customize the layout of your site with ease and speed! The intuitive layout is perfect for seasoned designers and novices alike.

    Choose From 150+ Suppliers

    We offer a huge variety of top brands and suppliers catalogs available to showcase on your site. Select all or choose specific products/categories from each supplier!
  • Supplier Catalogs Included in Data Management Services

    Our dedicated data management team ensures that all catalogs are updated and in sync with your store. Quality product data is our priority.
  • Inventory Status Displayed From Suppliers

    Depending on the supplier, we offer real-time inventory, nightly, monthly, and/or seasonal updates to keep your site offering up to date.

Some of the industry leading brands we work with

Merchandising And Promotions

  • Flexible BOGOs

    Our marketing module offers the ability to create any special that you would like. Be it discounting by a percentage or flat amount to specific products or categories - we have got everything.

    Free Shipping

    Easily create free shipping coupons or select certain products to ship for free. How about free shipping on orders of $50 or more? We have that too.
  • Discounts Based On Cash Or

    Set discounts with multiple levels that can drill down from products to categories and suppliers. Discounts can also be configured to give different offers from BOGO's to Percentages or Free shipping as well.
  • Post To Social Media

    Share your promotions easily to social media using our admin and track the results for your marketing pushes!
  • Upsell Capabilities

    Choose upsell products to be matched with your best selling items in seconds using our Product Suggestions module.
  • Single And Multiple Use Coupons

    Select how many times a buyer can use a given coupon code along with start and end dates!
  • Offer Free Products With Purchase

    Quickly allow for free products to be included in their orders. We make it easy for you and your shoppers.
  • Email Marketing Tools

    Integrate Mailchimp, Constant Contact and export/sync your shoppers information to create eblasts featuring your latest promotions.

Preferred Groups

  • Popular "Store Within Store" Feature!

    Private shopping experience for each group allows you to set prices, options, logo's and so much more! They see only what you want them to see while branding their private shopping portal.

    Setup Discount Groups

    Can pay via cc or purchase order or both for each group
  • Private Areas For B2B Accounts, Departments, Groups, etc.

    Select either custom pricing per product or flat discounts to be applied for each client group.
  • Customize Products With Embellishments, Embroidery, etc.

    Create specific options for each product with cost requirements. Apply a logo, name, color, and more for any given product.
  • Change Messages On Each Preferred
    Group Page

    Each group can be customized to their needs including branding and purchase flows.
  • Shopper View

    The shopper view option allows administrators to see exactly what the customer views when they login to their site!
  • Employees See Only What They Should

    Using our group password, employees will only see their specific products and options at their price. Reducing incorrect orders and returns while making it simple for the end user.
  • Add Sale Messages Anywhere

    Our groups allow you to drag and drop content to any page to feature group specific wording and needs within the Preferred Group and Checkout!
  • Products, Descriptions, Pricing, etc...

    Customize pricing, products, descriptions, and brand imaging in seconds!

Apps Store

  • We offer a number of apps to meet
    your business needs

    Our app store features popular extensions that allow you to integrate amazing features into your site. Whether you want to extend email features or accounting abilities, we have you covered.

    Our open API allows you to develop your own custom integrations

    Using our open API, you can create and develop your custom integration and extend the functionality of the platform as per your business requirements.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your admin to offer limitless options

    Installed apps function within your admin to allow you to make use of them while logged into your site. Save time by using those apps within your admin!

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