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The process by which a Manufacturer uses online tools to load and manage their product data, for the purpose of feeding that information to authorized retailers.

Your portal into the Brand Syndication Library becomes your central location to organize and access all your data.

What's really exciting, though, is that authorized retailers in your Brand Syndication channel receive your updated product data, images and marketing promotions automatically.

Every time you update your product data you are automatically feeding that information to every retailer in your Brand Syndication, so it really pays to keep it fresh.

It's so easy.

A program that facilitates a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor launching online stores for their retailers; branding each site specific to the retailer, while maintaining control over the content, categories and products sold on the website.

SMARTstores give manufacturers ultimate control. Manufacturers build stores for retailers.

The retailer's name, logo and contact information is placed into the store so that they look like a typical retail store but are actually run and managed by the manufacturer.

Products can even be drop shipped directly to customers from the manufacturer, streamlining the sales channel even more.

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instant analytics


It possible to know too much? We don't think so. Which is why we're giving manufacturers instant analytics. Check out sales and retailer activity, customer demographics, even MAP violations with our easy to follow analytics reports.

Retailer B2B


Sellers Commerce makes it easy to for your retailers to place their wholesale orders with Retailer B2B sites. No one has more experience building private stores and we're constantly innovating to keep those orders flying out the door.