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Help us understand your business and operational requirements.

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Let thousands of retailers across India sell your products online.

We're Giving You Features You Can't Refuse

Online Catalog Store
Create a unique catalog store that you can update any time, any where.
E-Commerce Store
Create your own e-commerce store with the simplest tools ever.
Brand Syndication
Let retailers subscribe to your catalogs and sell on their online store.
Intuitive Dashboard
Make decisions faster with sales analytics integrated right onto your dashboard.
CRM Tools
Send the right message to your retailers at the right time with effortless CRM tools.
Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support to assis you with any business needs and issues.

Smart Stores
Provide custom online stores to your retailers to exclusively sell your products.
24/7 Technical Support
Round-the-clock support to help you with all your business needs and requirements.

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