Branded stores that do the talking for your business.

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A comprehensive B2C & B2B ecommerce solution serving more than 1000 customers

Providing Public and Private
ecommerce solutions.
Product Information Management (PIM)
platform providing Supplier
Catalog Data
An Enterprise ecommerce solution
for Retailers, Suppliers, and


  • Create your brand sub-stores for your retailers/customers
  • Maintain your brand experience across all stores or set of stores.And approve them with one click!
  • External forms allow for client self-registration
  • Build your B2B enterprise online with Master and Client accounts
  • Control high level configurations across the client accounts from master account admin
  • Create flexible payment programs, product groups and quotas for employees across your organization or client accounts
  • Manage user roles
  • Scripts allow for embedding into any site.
  • Easily add and edit Users

Manage Microsites

  • Master Admin allows you to manage and design the default template for your clients.
  • Determine the fixed branding that applies to your client sites.
  • Provide specific sections to allow clients the freedom to advertise on top of your fixed layout.

Get more customers online faster!

  • Easy and convenient form that helps any client configure their store within minutes with all the high level details included.
  • A simple process that can be completed in minutes.
  • Sales agents own the process from start to finish.
  • Simplicity encourages total client involvement.

Group Builder - Store Creation Made Simple

  • Progressive form that Sales Representative's fill out with the client.
  • Automated process for approval and completion.
  • Intuitive steps that clients can understand without assistance.
  • Previews at regular intervals to go through the choices made.
  • Once approved, the client can access their account immediately.

Control Store Configurations

  • B2B Master account lets you create as many client accounts as your business needs.
  • Each client account's access to the admin functions can be controlled by your Master account.
  • Determine your client's shopping and operational experience through the many admin functions like payment programs, quotas, product groups, employee groups etc.

Group Builder - Store Creation Made Simple

  • 1
    Fill Contact Information
  • 2
    Select Departments and Products
  • 3
    Setup Personalization
  • 4
    Pick Payment Methods
  • 5
    Final Review
  • 6

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