LineSheets Studio

Create product sheets that sell
without a designer

LineSheets Studio is an easy-to-use automatic catalog maker for sales reps
to design, share and sell catalogs in a few clicks without a professional designer

Beautiful line sheets in minutes


Save time and ensure data consistency by eliminating manual data entry. Upload products via XML or CSV file, spreadsheet, PIM or directly from the website.
Step 01


Make the best possible line sheet presentation for your product lines using templates from the library. Customize branding and every last detail using simple drag-and-drop tools.
Step 02


Flexible options to share your line sheets with prospects. Download as print-ready PDFs or share them as unique web links to monitor prospect interactions.
Step 03

Designer optional

You don't need a professional designer to create great-looking line sheets and look books. LineSheets Studio provides intuitive design tools, a plethora of templates, and drag & drop functionalities for your sales reps to create line sheets faster than even the most seasoned designers.

Meet your buyers where they are, while being where you are

Line sheets, catalogs, and flyers made on LineSheets Studio can be downloaded as PDFs and easily shared with your prospects without having to visit them in person

In-built order management

Turn your catalogs into conversion magnets by converting products into cart items ready for checkout. Or share and track your customized line sheets to prospects as hyperlinks. Your customers can directly place their orders without having to visit the main ecommerce portal.

On-brand design catalogs

Use simple yet powerful drag-and-drop design tools to personalize the design templates in our library to create line sheets that embody your brand's design language

Never struggle with catalogs again