Press ReleasesSellersCommerce Introduces New Platform That Integrates Ecommerce Tools For Manufacturers And Retailers

SellersCommerce Introduces New Platform That Integrates Ecommerce Tools For Manufacturers And Retailers

Dec 3, 2018

SellersCommerce announces the introduction of its new platform of ecommerce tools that allow manufacturers and retailers to work together to increase sales. The new platform is introducing the concept of “Brand Syndication.” Brand Syndication is the ability for manufacturers to load catalogs and have them instantly sent to subscribing retailers. Brand Syndication also allows manufacturers to instantly track sales and traffic of their merchandise within their subscribing retailers’ stores. With Brand Syndication, manufacturers can maintain control of their brand across their entire line of retailers in a way never before possible.

Other tools on the platform include microsites that look like retailer stores but are actually built and managed by the manufacturer for the retailer and private stores that allow retailers to set up wholesale shopping options for company employees within retailer stores. Retailers on the platform will find the most up-to-date eCommerce technology to power their Content Management System (CMS) and generate increased traffic. This includes easy-to-use and customized attractive store building tools, shopping cart function, and instant analytics delivered in an easy-to-follow, meaningful way. And with Brand Syndication, retailers will have the flexibility to choose a manufacturer’s entire catalog or simply one item to feature in their store, as well as the efficiency of having those items instantly uploaded to their store.

The new platform is completely mobile responsive to seamlessly adapt to all of today’s products from laptops to tablets to smartphones. SellersCommerce offers the first of a kind eCommerce platform designed to give both manufacturers and retailers the tools they need, and then further streamlining the experience by allowing them to work together.

“After having spent multiple years building ecommerce tools for retailers, we understand the challenges that they go through. This has been instrumental in helping us build powerful integrated tools that do so much more than solve the retailer’s problems. By allowing manufacturers and suppliers to manage their digital assets and create brand syndication, we have solved one of their biggest problems, too. The results are must-have tools for manufacturers and suppliers,” says Ashok Reddy, President and CTO.