We've been very busy.

Version 5.7.0

Released on Friday, November 30, 2018
  • Merge Tags in Email Templates.
    • Provided New Place holder for Shipping Notification Email Template PO Template and Shopper Company Name
  • Image Sizes Still Strange
    • Zoom Window Overlap on the SKU box has been removed now. SKUs can be selected as expected by the customer.

Version 5.6.0

Released on Thursday, October 17, 2018
  • Preferred Group Order Confirmation Email.
    • In Retailer Admin Preferred Group order Confirmation email, User can send multiple emails by entering "," or ";" and order confirmation email will be sent to all emails which are sent via Preferred Group order confirmation email .
  • Left Menu.
    • New Store template with left menu is implemented. By this implementation retailer can see menu in the left side.
  • New Catalog Functionality.
    • Provided an option to hide price on catalog public view. Only retailers approved to subscribe catalog can see price.
  • Add Embellishment in Sub total
    • Previously Embellishment was not added towards the order sub total but rather the order total. Now in shipping method "Ship by Order Total" validation, We added Embellishment price with sub total.
  • Cart retaining products from previous session timeouts.
  • Preferred group shopper cart items will not be retained when shopper is logged out from system and in the same way normal shopper cart will not be retained when preferred group shopper logged into system.

Version 5.5.0

Released on Monday, September 10, 2018
  • Add Print Order Button on Store Front under My Account.
    • Provided an option "Print Order" in My Account orders tab to print the specific order.
  • Reject Catalog Request.
    • Now Supplier have an option to "Reject" catalog directly without approving it. Earlier Supplier was able to reject only approved catalogs.
  • Added Preferred Group filter in Advanced Search for Products and Shopper.
  • Provided Preferred Group filter in products and shopper advanced search in retailer admin section. Currently, Admin can get Preferred group based results in Products and Shoppers.
  • Added Date Stamp at SKU level for Catalog.
  • Added "Availability Date" display option in store front for the product which is out of stock and supplier or retailer provided "Availability Date" in import file.

Version 5.5.0

Released on Friday, August 10, 2018
  • Find Nearest Available Warehouse for Inventory
    • Separate App is provided in App Store for "Multiple Warehouse". By Installing, Shopper will be able to view warehouses in product detail page from which they can choose from which warehouse they want the product to be shipped.
    • Stock Deduction should be done to the specific SKU based on warehouse selected.
    • This feature is useful for the customers to choose from which warehouse the items should be shipped based on stock availability.
  • Auto Reorder
    • Shopper can set Auto Reorder while placing the order in Checkout page.
    • Provided Auto Reorder frequency for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
    • Currently, We are supporting only Authorize.net and Purchase Order payments. Subsequent reorders will be placed on the authorize.net and Purchase Order payments only.
  • Implementing Bulk Order Pad
    • Added a New Widget Name "Bulk Order Pad"
    • The widget can be dropped anywhere similarly like cart widget in home page.
    • A user can enter SKU code or UPC code in the Item # text box and select product, quantity and click on add to cart to add all items at one go to cart.
    • Provided an option to the user to add multiple number of rows.
  • New Category Widget
    • Added a new widget in the widgets.
    • The widget is dropped to show the sub categories available for that category.
    • Show only the immediate assigned subcategories as links on each category in category landing page.
  • Download Specifications Option in Product Detail Page
    • Provided new import for technical specification and images.
    • In Edit product page, we can change technical specification and remove the image links.
    • Click on image link in product details for technical specification then related documents will be downloaded.

Version 5.4.0

Released on Friday, June 29, 2018
  • SEO Meta Information Tags
    • Provided separate menu section "SEO" to add SEO related information to all products and categories.
    • Provided imports and exports options to bulk insertion of SEO information for products and categories.
  • Added options to include Sitemap
    • Added options to include sitemap Yes/No for products, categories and web pages in store settings.
    • Included sitemap Yes/No for individual product or category in newly added SEO tab in the admin menu.
  • Add Alt Attributes
    • Across the application wherever there is an image need to add alt attribute.
    • Category Images - [Category Name] should be the alt tag.
    • Product Images - [Product Name] should be the alt tag.
    • Swatch Images - [Color Name] should be the alt tag.
    • HTML Encodings (As part of SEO improvements)

Version 5.3.0

Released on Friday, June 01, 2018
  • Google Shopping Updates
    • i. Get the single product data
    • ii. Get all the products in a store
    • iii. Apply filters by name and made the changes in API as per the request.
    • Store setting options provided for minimum order value
    • Applying order level coupon in order chckout screen
    • Applying product level discount in checkout screen
    • Display minimum order total alert

Version 5.2.0

Released on Friday, May 11, 2018
  • Menu Builder issues fixed in this release.

Version 5.1.0

Released on Thursday, March 22, 2018
  • Social login now enabled for Admin users on Retailer Admin - Currently only through Facebook.
  • Implemented Direct Sales automation of Invoice interfacing:
    • Reports generated for all processed orders each week for Preferred Customers.
    • Report shall contain Business Unit, Invoice number, Invoice Date, Customer Number and Total Invoice Amount.
    • It will also have a subtotal at each business unit and a grand total at the end of the report.
    • The Order form to show “Invoice" and preferred customers to have a "D" preceding the order number is also implemented.
  • Internal: For any store deletion there shall be a double check confirmation process put in place for which email should go when store is marked for deletion. Even if any store is moving from one state to another state then it requires a confirmation.
  • Issue with Bulk Edit resetting the prices is now fixed.
  • Facebook posting via Marketing > Social in Retailer Admin is now fixed and updated with latest API.

Version 4.1.6

Released on Friday, September 08, 2017
  • BLOG under development (in-house) for Retailers to utilize towards publishing articles, sharing with online communities and social media. All the regular features of a Blog will be available in the current Phase 1. (Coming Soon) Later phases will also allow Retailers to design and style the look and feel of the Blog.
  • Shoppers/Retailers can now place orders with Partial amounts using the Partial Payments app.
    • Install the app from the app store ( http://app.sellerscommerce.com/) and head to Settings > Store Settings > Others to configure the Partial payments. Here, Retailers can set the minimum threshold % that shoppers have to pay while placing an order.
      • 1. Once an order is placed, the status will be ""Partially Paid"" and retailer can only ship the order once the remaining amount is paid.
      • 2. Shopper will get a button to clear the dues from the My Account section - this will lead shopper straight to checkout where they can only choose between available payment methods to complete the payment.
      • 3. Once the payment is completed, the order status will change to ""Placed"" and Retailer can continue with order fulfillment process at this point.g.
  • Internal: App Store Framework enhanced with latest architectural updates for third party App Developers to create their own Apps and send to Administrators for review and approval. (Coming soon)
  • I nternal: Enhancements to internal Portal CRM tool.
  • Invoices enhanced where Prefix can be alphanumeric and Starting number increments to the left.
  • Countries displayed in Checkout address fields will depend on Country selected in Shipping Zones.
  • Other than USA, if an unrecognized zip-code is entered in the Checkout address, the following will happen:
    • 1. State field will display drop-down options.
    • 2. City field will display a blank text box.
  • Refunds on returns will now also include Tax in the refund amount.
  • Order addresses will now be linked to the order and not the shopper. Any changes to addresses of a Shopper will not affect the related address on an order.
  • "Selling Price" added to Open API - http://api.sellerscommerce.com.
  • Brand level pricing for Suppliers can also be set at fixed amount apart from percentage.
  • I nternal: Fixes to minor issues in the internal Portal CRM tool.
  • Quotation requests can now no longer be deleted by shoppers. However, shoppers can now cancel the quotation request. This will help Retailers to maintain the history of quotation requests.
  • Shoppers/Retailers can now create multiple addresses with the same name.

Version 4.1.5

Released on Friday, July 28, 2017
  • Custom Reports app now available in the App Store. Install the App and head to Reports > Custom Reports in the Retailer Admin to create your own unique reports. For Help, press CTRL+F1 in the Retailer Admin in the Custom Reports page.
  • Imports are now completely overhauled with a new format that uses 4 separate files making imports easier than before: Products, SKUs, Categories and Options. Each import format will be released phase wise - Categories will be available on 08/01/2017.
  • Invoices app now available in the App Store. Install the App to be able to set your own invoice series number and also print the invoice once an order status is changed to COMPLETED. Invoice template is also available in Marketing > Email Templates for editing.
  • Internal: Application insights implemented to provide enhanced tracking and logging of platform data for use in performance tuning.
  • Internal: Enhancements to Cherokee dropship process.
  • Internal: Enhancements to VF dropship service.
  • Cost price is now included in:
    • 1. SKU level
    • 2. Imports/Exports
    • 3. API
  • Preferred Group name now available in the following areas:
    • 1. Sales Report and Shopper report
    • 2. Shopper and Order API
    • 3. Shopper and Order Exports
  • Additional fields added to Product Comparison:
    • 1. Product Description
    • 2. Product Highlights
    • 3. Feature set / Features
    • 4. Ratings
    • 5. Options
  • Retailer Admins can now also process order cancellations/returns/refunds for Guest shopper orders.
  • Shipping zone's countries reduced to 4 countries in the Retailer Admin under Settings > Shipping > Default Shipping Zone > This Shipping Zone is Based on One or More Countries. The 4 zones are now: Canada, India, Mexico, United States. However, in checkout All 4 countries will be available in the country drop-down when adding an Address.
  • Product export will now display categories grid if no individual products are selected. If individual products are selected from View Products in Retailer Admin, clicking the Exports button will only export the selected products.
  • Warning messages updated to reflect the appropriate actions from user in the Shipping Zones section.
  • Date & Time stamp for orders used to capture the data from Add to Cart. Now it has been fixed to capture data whenever a Place Order is executed.
  • Retailers can now configure "X" shipping method in Checkout and ship the order through "Y" shipping method when clicking on Ship Order in View Order page. This issue was limited to real-time shipping methods and has now been fixed.

Version 4.1.4

Released on Friday, June 16, 2017
  • Options in the Retailer Admin will now be sorted according to the supplier that they originated from. This will make identifying and editing options more user friendly.
  • New option called "Fixed Sales Tax Rate" available in Settings > Tax module. The % value can be entered in the provided field. This tax can be set independent of billing/shipping zipcode.
  • Display of prices in multiple areas can be customized as required via the Custom Prices Template in Settings > Store Settings. Customers can use the provided placeholders within [ ] for each section with custom text to display prices. This may require user CSS for proper alignment.
  • Internal: Enhancements to Barco supplier drop-shipment process.
  • Internal: Additional enhancements made to internal CRM portal.
  • Internal: Preferred Group name added to API methods (api/shopper/getall, api/order/getall, api/shopper/shopper) at www.api.sellerscommerce.com.
  • Address entry fields sequence re-arranged for better user experience.
  • Embellishment dropdown values will now have a new Display Name field.
  • Minor enhancements made to T-hub imports with respect to embellishments
  • Zip-code field will now display a mask with zipcode format to help users in entering the appropriate zip-code.
  • Comprehensive warning alert will now be displayed when a user attempts to Generate SKUs in Edit Product > Options > Generated SKUs.
  • Advanced search options will now retain the selections made by user and won't reset when the submit button is clicked. This will stay in effect until the user logs out.
  • Order export e-mails hold the export file for download for 72 hours from the time of request. The same is also now mentioned in the export confirmation e-mail. Prices in export will also be rounded off to the 2nd decimal.
  • Minor issues in Advanced search fixed - particularly in Embellishments module.
  • Advanced search selections will now also be applicable to Product Export.
  • Orders placed with Purchase Order will now display the PO number on the Order confirmation template through the new Purchase Order placeholder.
  • Product imports in Supplier Admin will no longer zero out the SKU and Category counts in Retailer Admin (Manage Subscriptions)
  • Whenever a SKU code is entered that conflicts with an already existing SKU code, it will be highlighted in the Generated SKUs section of the Options tab in the Edit Product section, upon saving the changes.

Version 4.1.3

Released on Friday, May 05, 2017
  • Internal: Drop-ship implementation for WinkScrubs supplier completed.
  • Shipstation implemented as a new shipping integrator. Refer to help documentation here: https://help.shipstation.com/hc/en-us
  • New email template implemented for Print Order under Marketing > Email Templates. Product images removed from Print Order template for better alignment.
  • Internal: Tax data files will now be updated separately for different platforms via an Add & Update system.
  • Supplier level Brand pricing in Retailer Admin can now be rounded up, down or not rounded off.
  • Tax can now also be applied on Shipping via the "Charge Sales Tax On Shipping" setting in Settings>Tax. This setting will be enabled (YES) by default.
  • County will now be displayed only when there are more than two counties for a Zip-code. County field is removed from all other locations.
  • Help file in Imports updated. Weight and Stock in imports are now mandatory and cannot be blank.
  • New order statuses available:
    • In Process: To put the order in hold after the order is placed. Can be used multiple times on a single order.
    • Undelivered: For use when an order delivery fails and is returned. Order can be shipped again from this state.
    • Rejected: For use when an order delivery fails due to rejection by shopper. Order cannot be shipped again from this state.
  • Sort order has been enhanced as follows:
    • Sort order will now load for entire list of products on a landing page and not be limited to initial load alone.
    • Sort order now available for Preferred Groups as Ascending by default.
    • If sort order conflicts between categories, the Store level sort order will be applied by default.
    • Brands can also be sorted now using the Sort order function.
  • Shipping Service Method & Type will now be displayed in Order confirmation emails and Shipping timelines on View Order screen. This is applicable only for orders placed after this release.
  • Supplier products can now no longer be tagged to Retailer categories and vice-versa.
  • Post order process for VF tweaked to minimize order time-outs.
  • Brand & Category descriptions will now expand according to the length of the description including images.

Version 4.1.2

Released on Saturday, March 25, 2017
  • New category widget called "SPECIFIC CATEGORIES" added to CMS > Menu Builder. This widget allows retailers to build categories without generalization - Only selected categories will be displayed when using this widget unlike the Supplier/Custom category widgets.
  • Tax can now be configured to be Exclusive of MSRP or Inclusive of MSRP. This can be toggled in Settings > Store Settings > Others by setting the option ""Tax Included In MSRP"" to Yes/No.
  • Embellishments can now be added via Import files. Sample templates can be downloaded for reference.
  • Internal: CRM Portal updated with new features and functions to enhance operation.
  • Elastic version updated with improvements to performance and stability.
  • Elastic product loading on the landing pages will now display a message at the bottom when there are more products to be loading via scrolling. This will help shoppers know that there are more products to be viewed on the landing page (When applicable).
  • Minor enhancements made to Embellishments module for enhancing User experience.
  • Passwords no longer require Highest level of complexity. Users/Shoppers can now enter any password of any complexity/combination.
  • Retailers can now choose the type of Refund that is given to shoppers - Store credit or Original payment method used on the order.
  • Shopper phone numbers will now be available on Invoices and Packing slips.
  • Minor UX enhancements made to Checkout template with regards to help messaging.
  • Issue with General categories retaining Excluded products is now fixed. A fully unsubscribed product will now no longer be displayed on the storefront, as long as it is unsubscribed from all the categories that it is tagged to.
  • Shopping cart and Checkout cart will now both display product quantity count and not product line item count.
  • Flickering of scrollbar fixed when Retailer Admins enter into EDIT mode on Storefront.

Version 4.1.1

Released on Saturday, February 11, 2017
  • Product suggestions will now display similar colored products to the color selected on the product page.
  • Order management from Retailer Admin is now extended to the Supplier Admin as well. For dropship enabled orders, Supplier can process orders from their Admin.
  • Store Credits will now have the relevant codes for each line item.
  • Default SKU of subscribed products can now be changed by using Soft-Lock.
  • Retailers can remove a shopper's ability to cancel an order from Store Settings > Others > Permit Shoppers to Cancel Orders (Yes/No).
  • Retailers/Shoppers can now EDIT a placed order's:
    • 1. Product quantity
    • 2. Product SKUs
      • Order can be edited provided:
      • 1. Order is still in Placed status.
      • 2. Order total is equal to or lesser than the original order total.
        • Editing an order will also refund the original payment method (SC/GC/CC) *if* the revised order total is lesser than the original order total.
  • The following action buttons in Edit Product > Options screen have been shifted one level up for better UX:
    • 1. Generate SKUs
    • 2. Update SKU Images
    • 3. Update SKU Price
  • Minor enhancements made to Gift Cards:
    • 1. Gift card message fields updated on gift card page.
    • 2. Gift card is now converted into an APP in the Appstore
  • Product synonyms list is now updated to improve the search accuracy and range.
  • Partial Shopper import now has only one mandatory field: Username. Remaining fields are optional and are updated if data is present in the relevant columns of Partial import file.
  • Menu builder on Storefront will now accommodate HTML coding via the content widget in EDIT > CMS > Menu Builder.
  • Ship order comments will now be saved on the order and order confirmation emails.

Version 3.5.0

Released on Thursday, December 29, 2016
  • e-Gift Cards can now be created via Products > View Products > Add Gift Card. Gift Cards will behave similar to Products and a separate e-mail template for Gift Card can be found in Marketing > Email templates > Gift Card.
  • Added new page with platform default values for API's on api.sellerscommerce.com.
  • Order Tracking App is now available in the App store. Installing the App will provide a widget which can be used by shoppers to track orders by entering the following details: Order number/ID and email address associated with the order.
  • Guest shoppers can now be viewed by using the Guest Shopper Report in Retailer Admin via Reports > Guest Shopper Details.
  • Date and Time in Retailer Admin pages will now be captured according to the Time Zone selected in Settings > Store Settings > Select Your TimeZone.
  • My Account on Retailer Storefront will now show a drop-down of menu items if user/shopper is Logged-in.
  • Reviews will now display the First Name of submitter instead of Username.
  • Print Packing Slip in Orders > View Orders will now include Options and Option values. Prices are removed from Packing Slip template.
  • Notes in the following sections of Retailer Admin can now be edited:
    • Subscriptions.
    • Orders.
    • Returns.
    • Quotes.
    • CRM.
  • GetAllSupplier API method enhanced with GetSupplierOptions and Brands. Viewable at api.sellerscommerce.com.
  • County added as a new field to Address. Tax will be calculated accordingly when there are multiple counties for a Zipcode.
  • Notifications can now be marked as Read or Removed by using the Read All or Clear All buttons respectively.
  • Address entry is no longer limited by Zipcode. If a zipcode is not automatically detected, the Address fields will open up for manual entry of the Address information.
  • Products in the Individual Product widget in Retailer Storefront can now be searched by using Product code or Product name.
  • Design of internal action buttons in the Retailer Admin changed to enhance the User Experience and Visibility.
  • Export files with data in code format will now display the actual names of relevant data along with the code.

Version 3.4.1

Released on Friday, December 02, 2016
  • Internal: e-Gift Cards added in View Products page under Add Gift Card button. First phase of implementation includes this feature only in Retailer Admin.
  • Currency converter is now available as an App in the App store. Installing this App will display the Currency converter fields on Order Checkout page after Checkout options are selected. Shoppers can select a currency to convert their order total into before placing the order.
  • Color options can now be viewed on Products in the Category landing pages and Search results pages.
  • Category landing pages with additional categories/sub-categories will now have a “View More" button. Clicking this button will expand the view and display entire list of categories/sub-categories.
  • Internal: Execution time for elastic refresh is now being saved in the database.
  • Embellishment module has been revamped further:
    • Line items for an Embellishment can now added in the Add embellishment screen.
    • Assigning Products to an Embellishment will be similar to Assigning Products to a Preferred Group.
  • Newsletter widget enhanced with additional functionality. When widget is dropped into Storefront, a pop-up window with settings will display. Available options are:
    • Choose between pop-up or embedded form for the widget.
    • Choose e-mail provider for the widget (Mailchimp/iContact/ConstantContact)
    • Upload an image for the widget
  • Sort order of Options in Product detail page has been fixed to match the Sort order displayed on Order confirmations.
  • Embellishments with lengthy names will no longer be split into different rows. The text will be justified.

Version 3.4.0

Released on Friday, November 11, 2016
  • App writing framework released in Beta mode.
    • 1. App developers can create Apps using HTML, CSS and Jquery using our API hosted at api.sellerscommerce.com
    • 2. App developers can register for the process at app.sellerscommerce.com by clicking the GetStarted button.
    • 3. Once registered, App developer will have their own Admin and Storefront to understand the platform.
    • 4. Created Apps will be reviewed by Sellers Commerce and processed for approval/rejection.
    • 5. Help guide will be updated on app.sellerscommerce.com shortly.
  • Timestamps will now appear along with dates in the Order related screens.
  • Instant Payment Notifications enabled for PayPal - Retailers will need to enable IPN in their PayPal account and update the BuyersSecure URL for IPN to work.
  • Shopper name in View order is now clickable and will lead to Shopper profile.
  • Addresses can now be added with the same name. Applicable to all pages where addresses can be added.
  • Default embellishments will no longer be added when a store is created.
  • Email addresses in the onboarding form (welcome site) will now need to be verified by entering the email address a second time.
  • Store Credits in My Account have received few improvements:
    • Expanded the labels for Credit/Debit
    • Added reference order numbers for credit/debit
    • Mail notifications for store credit/debit will now be consistent
  • Performance Improvements & Security Updates:
    • Elastic write operations improved.
    • Storefront homepage load improved.
    • Management of error logs improved.
    • Assets and static content (scripts/css) download speed improved.
  • Embellishment module has been revamped with a new UI design.
  • Any actions in a Preferred Group will no longer kick the user out to the PG home page. Save functionality has been added.
  • New taxing rules added to Canadian addresses in the database.
  • Coupon link from Store Profile will now lead to Offers Page.
  • Categories with same names will now be pulled in with Unique ID to prevent infinite loop in hierarchy - this is applicable only to the storefront Menu builder.
  • Excluded categories issue is now fixed. Products tagged to more than one category will no longer disappear if unsubscribed/deleted from other categories.

Version 3.3.3

Released on Friday, October 07, 2016
  • 100% discounts can now be configured to have $0.00 as subtotal in shopping carts. This can be activated in the Admin via Store Settings > Others > Allow $0.00 Carts. Switching it on will enable PO as default payment method.
  • Category landing pages will now offer two views: The default GRID view and the new LIST view. List view can be activated from Admin via Store Settings > Others > List View.
    • In List view, the default SKU will be displayed and by clicking on the blue Load more variants text, dropdowns will be shown. Clicking the dropdown will display the remaining Option values.
  • Payment Gateway names that are displayed in Checkout page can now be edited.
  • Special characters are now allowed in Store Name field, with the exception of @ > < symbols.
  • Tiered pricing can now be applied to both Product level and SKU level.
  • The display of Options on Product detail page is now simplified. Unavailable options (text) will be greyed out while unavailable swatches will be crossed out. Default SKU will continue to be highlighted in a primary color.
  • Embellishments can now be copied and the Embellishment title can also be edited. Copied embellishments can be located by clicking the Manage embellishment types button.
  • Google maps widget will now support multiple locations with primary address marked in Green and the rest in Red. Addresses will be pulled from the Admin via the Store Settings > Admin section.
    • The Retailer Address will always act as primary while any other addresses added through the Address book will become the additional locations.
  • Featured Products widget will now also display discounts on the products.
  • Delete error when high number of SKUs are selected for deletion is fixed.
  • Preferred group custom pages can now be linked in image widgets.

Version 3.3.2

Released on Friday, September 16, 2016
  • Internal: Uniformmarket can now receive catalog files with changes, whenever there is a Publishing event in SellersCommerce.
  • Added PCI & DSS Compliance Badges as a new widget to CMS. The widget can be applied to Storefront.
  • Order export will now contain Discounted Price, Embellishment Price and Embellishment Details.
  • Account ID will now be a mandatory requirement for catalog subscription requests.
  • Shipping and Payment methods will be automatically pre-selected if there is only one option available for each.
  • Email templates can now be tested by mailing a copy to any email address. Test email will help Retailers review the email structure.
  • Shipping notification template will now have the [SHIPPING METHOD] placeholder to display shipping method name.
  • Verbiage for unavailable options on Product Display page is now updated.
  • T-hub will now also display Unit-cost which is equivalent to the Product Cost Price.
  • New placeholder [Additional Information] has been added to the Packing slips template.
  • Retailers can now select different pricing types for their own stores as Own supplier. This was previously a feature limited to Suppliers.
  • AVS (address verification service) will now be compatible with orders for the following payment gateways: Authorize.net, Moneris & USAepay.

Version 3.3.1

Released on Friday, August 26, 2016
  • Internal: Initiated development of app framework to support third party developers.
  • For Supplier catalogs the last updated date will now only reflect Full catalog publishes.
  • Welcome email to newly onboarded retailers/suppliers will now be sent from a pre-validated email address.
  • General enhancements:
    • 1. Inventory threshold values can be set at product level from Retailer Admin.
    • 2. Product name re-aligned above Price in Product page Template #4
    • 3. Wish-list and Quotes can be disabled in Product pages and My Account through Retailer Admin via Settings > Store Settings > Others Tab
    • 4. Quantity and Price will now be visible on the shopping cart icon in store front. This is applicable to widget block styles 1 and 4 only.
  • Custom product pages now have the following features:
    • 1. Product code will be displayed in tool-tip.
    • 2. Search enabled to locate specific products.
    • 3. Single check-box to select all products.
  • Cosmetic fixes made to all App's in the App store.
  • FedEx shipping charges fixed to align with specific shipping methods.
  • Address will now be passed through USAepay payment gateway to facilitate AVS (Address Verification Service)

Version 3.3.0

Released on Friday, August 05, 2016
  • Retailers can now pull Sales Report by order line items for each order.
  • Compound product s can now be created by Retailers.
  • Platform now has built-in Ratings and Reviews system and enhancements to the product features. Product features can now be grouped into Sets.
  • Internal: Help Pages are now editable in-line by Super Admins.
  • Platform will now be able to identify shopper addresses as either Residential or Commercial.
  • Catalog request emails will now have a link to go to Admin for approval.
  • Offers can now be configured to allow 100% discount.
  • Platform will now offer additional tax calculation options.
  • Alternate Images in Product detail pages can now be scrolled with up and down arrows at the bottom.
  • Imports and Bulk actions will need confirmation from retailer before proceeding further.
  • Product detail pages now come with a help guide that describes all elements on the Product page. Click the Blue Product Page Guide at the top right to access the same.
  • Google can now crawl the website pages through Sitemaps.
  • If embellishment line item is mandatory and has only a single value, that value is selected by Default on the Product detail page.
  • Minor Enhancements:
    • Inventory can now have a minimum threshold assigned to it.
    • Adjusted the product detail page image alignments.
    • City selection in Address fields has been enhanced as per zip code.
  • Images in Media Tab will now be retained even after re-generating the SKUs, when there are no swatch images on the product.

Version 3.2.3

Released on Friday, July 01, 2016
  • New Apps available on the App Store: T-hub Atandra, Live-Chat and Google Translator.
  • Product Imports can now use absolute paths or external URL's for images.
  • Search is now enhanced: Synonyms of search terms will also be displayed as search result options.
  • Added another new payment gateway: Square.
  • Internal: Single store concept implemented for servers.
  • First and Last names are no longer mandatory for MailChimp widget. Only e-mail address is mandatory (Retailers who already have MailChimp widget on the storefront need to remove and add the widget again).
  • Preferred Group added as a Placeholder in Order Success page, Order Confirmation page, View Orders page, Order e-mail and Order export.
  • Content added to the top/bottom of Product detail page of Template# 4 can be tagged to different categories or supplier products through CMS in the storefront EDIT menu via EDIT > CMS > Custom Product Pages.
  • Orders with "Waiting for Drop-shipment" status can now be changed to "Shipped" status by Retailer.
  • Assets can now be re-uploaded with the same name without errors

Version 3.2.2

Released on Friday, June 10, 2016
  • Internal: Internal: Completed migration of tickets from Quickbase to Freshdesk.
  • Retailers can now add content to the top and bottom of Product detail pages as part of the new Template #4.
  • Added a new template (#4) to Retailer stores under EDIT > Theme Studio > Pages Layout.
  • Opened API for third party partners to interact with Sellerscommerce.
  • Added an additional payment gateway for Retailers: Stripe.
  • New implementations developed for VF Imagewear.
  • The IP address from which an order is placed can now be viewed on the Order details page.
  • New dropship connector implemented for Sanmar.
  • New dropship connector implemented for Edwards.
  • Improved responsiveness of email templates across all devices including mobile.
  • Retailers no longer need to click “Regenerate SKUs" button to update SKU images. This is applicable to SKU images only.
  • Product codes can be re-used as long as they don't already exist in the store. Re-using existing product codes will throw a warning.
  • Price totals in Order summary will now round-off the digits up to two decimal points accurately.

Version 3.2.1

Released on Monday, May 23, 2016
  • Internal: Exposed API methods for Products, Shoppers, Categories and Orders.
  • Internal: Enhanced Supplier capabilities to support Trophy vertical on the current platform with Embellishments, Features, Tiered pricing and Syndication.
  • Added Company Name as placeholder in Order confirmation emails. Shopper's company name will now appear next to the Shopper Name in Order confirmation emails.
  • Suppliers can now be filtered in the "Manage Subscriptions" section of the Retailer Admin. This can be found at Products > Suppliers > Manage Subscriptions.
  • For Dropdown type of Embellishments, the Default option will no longer be available. This can be found at Products > Embellishments > Actions > Manage Line Items > Add Dropdown Values (For dropdown type embellishment only).
  • Additional tweaks made to display of Unavailable SKUs on Product detail page. If a product option is unavailable in a particular SKU combination, it will be:
    • 1. Greyed out if it is a text option. The option can be clicked but the Add to Cart button will be disabled.
    • 2. Crossed out if it is a swatch option. The option can be clicked but the Add to Cart button will be disabled.
  • Embellishment price will now be calculated as part of Store credit and will be deducted from Store credit (if available).
  • Adding "at the rate" symbol on the storefront will no longer cause the page/website to stall/crash when Published.

Version 3.2.0

Released on Friday, April 29, 2016
  • Internal: Databases migrated to cloud interface from local interface as part of 3rd party catalog support for Retailer and Supplier master data.
  • Internal: Added additional default settings/master data to quickly launch retailer stores with basic features, including 7 new storefront templates.
  • Orders in Retailer Admin will now have prefixes assigned to them to make order numbers unique for Retailers who own multiple stores.
  • Order print-outs and Packing slip print-outs will now display the Shipping type respective to the chosen Shipping method.
  • Assets can now be re-uploaded with the same name into the Asset Manager in Retailer Admin.

Version 3.1.4

Released on Friday, March 25, 2016
  • Internal: Modifications to Administration tools and development of relevant CRM system.
  • Internal: Analysis and Design of tools and systems to streamline catalog subscription and inventory handling.
  • Add Address functionality in Add Shopper section of Retailer Admin has been enhanced to do the following:
    • Language of Add Address button changed to " Add to Address Book".
    • A new "Clear Fields" button added to clear all the fields of information.
    • A warning pop-up will display if the fields contain information but " Add to Address Book" button was not clicked.
  • Category imports will now also import sub-categories into the Retailer Admin.
  • The delete functions in Retailer Admin have now been fixed. Clicking the "Delete" button under Actions will delete only the respective line item.

Version 3.1.3

Released on Friday, March 04, 2016
  • Packing Slips can now be printed from Retailer Admin for Shopper Orders. The template can also be customized at Marketing > Email Templates > Packing Slips.
  • "Additional Information" box is now available on the Checkout page. Shoppers can use the notes to communicate order related instructions to Retailer.
  • New Report added for SmartStores, which provides additional details for shopper orders.
  • Advanced Search in Deals is now improved and can search for required Products with ease.
  • The store setting of Allow Back-Order in Retailer Admin will now over-ride Stock availability. Retailers can set their products to back-order irrespective of inventory.
  • Out of Stock products will be displayed in the following ways on the storefront product detail page:
    • If a SKU/SKUs are out of stock"Add to Cart" button will be disabled and a "Combination Out of Stock" message will be displayed. For single options the message changes to “Out of Stock".
    • If a SKU/SKUs are in stock – "Add to Cart" button will be enabled and a "Combination In Stock" message will be displayed. For single options the message changes to “In Stock".
    • If all SKUs are out of stock – "Add to Cart" button will be disabled and a "Product Sold Out" Banner will be displayed on the product image.
  • Filters on storefront will now display correct information if the “Hide Price" setting on Retailer Admin (Store Settings > Others) is set to Yes.

Version 3.1.2

Released on Tuesday, February 16, 2016
  • Out of Stock products are now displayed appropriately on Product detail page. If individual SKU's are out of stock, an "Out of Stock" alert will be displayed. If All SKU's are out of stock, a "Currently Out of Stock" alert will be displayed. If a SKU combination is not available, the unavailable Option value will be crossed out.
  • Retailer can now set pricing types per Brand based on pricing type selected by Supplier. This can be accessed by Retailer in the Edit Supplier >> Others settings menu. Available options are Above MSRP/Below MSRP/Above MAP.
  • MAP and MSRP rules have been changed for Subscribed products only. Supplier can freeze MAP/MSRP/MAP+MSRP as the Pricing Type.
  • Color options on the Product detail page will now be displayed in an expandable box that will not display the scroll bar until the limit for maximum number of options (80) is reached.
  • Advanced search has new verbiage in the Subscription Status drop-down. The new terminologies are Subscribed (No Lock), Soft-Locked (Partially subscribed), Hard-locked (Un-subscribed), Copied (Not subscribed) and Created by Owner (Not subscribed).
  • Elastic search is now improved and provides better accuracy and performance.
  • Update SKU price button on Edit Product page will now be displayed as soon as cursor is placed in any of the price fields.

Version 3.1.1

Released on Friday, January 22, 2016
  • Custom products can now be assigned to Drop-ship.
  • Access to editing Preferred group CMS is now linked to Store CMS. Access can be changed in Settings > Roles.
  • Compatible API implemented for future integration of T-Hub to Quickbooks.
  • Abandoned orders can be deleted in bulk by using the Bulk Delete option.
  • Original supplier UPC code will be maintained for subscribed and copied products. Generating SKUs will remove the product from supplier Drop-ship and inventory.
  • Media tab in Edit Product screen updated – SKU variant images are now accessible along with Default SKU image. Uploaded videos will be visible in a separate tab on Product display page.
  • Products in a preferred group can now be sorted according to Sort order and Sort type of Preferred group categories.


Released on Thursday, December 31, 2015
  • Shopper approved app can be added to the store to get ratings from shoppers.
  • Coupons and Discounts are now combined into a single module: Offers.
  • Freshdesk ticketing system is accessible from Admin by clicking the Headset Icon ( ) at the top. User will be automatically signed-in to Freshdesk.
  • Preferred Group filter added to Reports for additional level of filtering.
  • Shopper phone number is now be available on Order Confirmation page.
  • Shopper phone number can also be added to email templates for Order Confirmation.
  • Changes to supplier catalogs will be dynamically pushed to subscribed retailers for Storefront and Admin.
  • Retailers can now partially subscribe to Supplier products within SmartStores.
  • Supplier Logo's in retailer Admin are now clickable and re-direct to respective Supplier's store.
  • New column "Shopper Type" added to View Orders screen to identify registered/guest shoppers. "Shopper Type" also added as a filter in Advanced Search.
  • Added "Save" and "Save & Send" functionality to Send Message in View Orders screen.
  • Formatting tools and Image/Link upload now available in Messages.


Released on Friday, November 20, 2015
  • Products can now be assigned to Preferred Group categories in bulk through Bulk Select option.
  • Store owners can set business hours according to Time Zones in Store Settings. This will apply to Retailer Admin Dashboard and the following Reports: Shopper Details, Abandoned Cart, Sales Order.
  • Filters are now sorted sequentially according to alphabets and numbers.
  • Phone numbers on storefront can be dialed directly when using a Smartphone to navigate the site.
  • Embellishment label changed from “Name" to “Code" for consistency in naming convention.
  • Copy store tool can now also copy Assets along with appropriate URL's.
  • Partial Import/Export options added to Products module for Import/Export of Custom Products only.


Released on Friday, October 30, 2015
  • Products can now be searched with a combination of two filters at a time.
  • Properties can be assigned to Products, similar to Options and Option sets.
  • Provision for customization of Login, Registration and Checkout screens in CMS.
  • Search results can now be filtered according to SKUs in Smartstores.
  • Returns policy page made available as a default store page in CMS.
  • Embellishments will now be displayed as a separate line item for each product.


Released on Friday, October 09, 2015
  • Phone number field is now mandatory for both Guest and Registered shoppers.
  • Filter option in store front search can now be toggled to On/Off position. Filter options are now also collapsible.
  • Copied products will now maintain relationship with the Supplier. Bulk delete option added for SKU level and Bulk edit option added for Product level.
  • Implemented SPI connectors to integrate Dropship and Inventory for Cherokee supplier – applicable to all retailers.
  • Dashboard elements re-arrangement is now de-activated. Dashboard will auto-arrange itself upon loading.
  • New field “Above MSRP" added to Supplier settings. (Retailer Admin > Products > Edit Supplier > Others).
  • Custom report added for Smartstores to determine % of a supplier's products in their microsites.
  • Search feature fixed – filters with single quotes will now give accurate results.
  • All applied coupons will now be retained on the order irrespective of navigation to other pages. Issues with Free shipping coupon fixed – coupon can now be applied to orders.


Released on Friday, September 11, 2015
  • Real-time Inventory verification enabled for new catalog "Wink Scrubs".
  • Two click shopping feature introduced to facilitate quick and easier shopper check-outs.
  • Custom Fields are now available for retailers to create and integrate into their storefront pages.
  • PayPal Express Check-out is now enabled for shoppers to pay via CC without requiring to have PayPal account.
  • Handling charges can now take both positive and negative numbers at shipping method level.
  • Non-Preferred group pages are now made accessible across store front.
  • Embellishment line item details are included in Order, Print and Abandoned Orders modules
  • UI Updated to products grid to display additional columns like weight etc.
  • We now handle store credit section display dynamically in check-out page.
  • We now have reports to track 1. Product changes, 2. Category changes, 3. Preferred Group Changes, 4. Store Publish Changes - Site changes in corporate site (Internal)
  • Enhancements to Save and Send functionality under Retailer & Supplier CRM Modules with ability to manage private and public messages.


Released on Friday, August 21, 2015
  • Alegria - Supplier Real-time Inventory Integration Services
  • Feature to include Google Re-targeting Scripts in Final Order Confirmation Pages in retailer admin.
  • Feature to enable shoppers to log in to see prices, add to cart and bulk ordering.
  • Allow preferred groups to have group level payment methods.
  • Quote Store
  • Bulk Swatch Generator Tool using supplier data feed for Hexadecimal colors (Internal Tool)
  • Super Admin Control Panel (Internal Tool)
  • Shoppers Import feature to Include additional validation and notifications.
  • Embellishment sort order is now being obeyed in the check-out pages.
  • Real-time Inventory check is now enabled for Soft Lock products.
  • Logout feature has now been included into all check-out page templates.
  • Bulk Edit Feature - Bulk removal of products from categories.
  • Imparting Industry Knowledge Intelligence & Tagging.
  • Handled multiple issues reported in the areas of partial drop shipping
  • Issues related to bulk delete on soft lock products.
  • Handling special characters in Product Name while generating Alt Tags across catalogs in product landing and category landing pages
  • Changes to confirmation messages in pop-up during catalog subscriptions.


Released on Friday, July 31, 2015
  • Support for other languages based on shopper's location [On Demand].
  • New Integration Service: SX PostOrder Connector.
  • Extended capabilities to Push release schedules to Retailers and Suppliers.
  • Support for Bulk "Add To Cart" on product detail page.
  • Updated default content on Preferred Group login page.
  • Added "Dynamic Toggle" ability for general categories, where navigation can be dynamically updated along with data updates to the respective categories.
  • Checkout templates enhanced to include "Manage Shipping & Billing Address" and "Remove from Cart".
  • Ability to tag and untag Supplier products in Custom Category.
  • Product swatches can be created while editing product information.
  • [Data Enhancement] Updated general category product assignments across all supported industries.
  • Address format standardized across the platform.
  • Fixed issue where Contact Us page was not accessible in Preferred Groups pages.


Released on Friday, July 10, 2015
  • Caching Implementation for faster performance.
  • CDN Integrated to the Asset Manager for faster image load-time.
  • Admin Activities are audited in order to increase security AND improve features.
  • Kraken Integration to auto-optimize images uploaded in Asset Manager.
  • Ability to choose fall-back shipping option for unserved locations.
  • Link to Sellers Commerce Release Notes in Retailer and Supplier Admin.
  • Ability to edit or update UPC / SKU code after code auto-generation.
  • Ability to untag multiple products attached to a single brand.
  • Better Elastic Search functionality for more accurate results.
  • Application enhancement for a faster product performance.
  • Product swatches can be created while editing product information.
  • Changes in MSRP Pricing will be reflected on the SKUs. .
  • Enhanced Checkout Page UI for increased conversions.
  • Fixed an issue where products with more than 2000 SKUs is causing issues.
  • Preferred Customers are no more be visible via URL unless a user is logged in.


Released on Friday, June 12, 2015
  • SAVE button in View Products page to stay on the page after making changes.
  • Ability to remove products from subscribed categories in bulk.
  • Ability to search by Product Code in Advanced Search.
  • Generate SKUs without making options.
  • New Form Builder option to let customers submit inquiries.
  • Improved functionality to edit sort order of carousel images.
  • Enhanced Asset Manager to easily get asset URL.
  • Improved Authorize.net Payment Gateway to collect useful information.
  • Fixed bug where subcategories showed as Subscribed even if the category was unsubscribed.
  • Added Password Criteria notification during registration.