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B2B eCommerce Experiences Looking Through the Glass


You look through the glass not often not knowing how much time has passed. This time is an eternity, as if time stops and you are in a sense of forever. The glass is your computer, and what we are looking at is the store or site you decided to peruse for an indefinite period of time. The abundance of categories, articles, and catalog uploads, the anticipation of finding what you want, need, or making a surprising find. Minutes seem like hours, and hours seem like days. The window shopping is an enjoyable vicarious experience that puts you on the edge of euphoria while you are waiting to decide whether to browse or buy. The experience is a click away every hour of the day, and that is what keeps you coming back.

Why you keep coming back like a moth to a flame, is the arrangement of images that evoke a sense of need, wonder, and anticipation. There is a rational layout of visuals, articles, and content to instigate the salivation response of your buyer’s palate.   There is an order that leads your thoughts to the next rational step through the gluttonous buffet of offerings being presented. You are being led with a dim torch through the pitch black cavern of commerce or information to the promised land of purchase or content pay dirt. When you are at the promised land and get satisfaction you crave, you are satiated like a junkie making a score after being dope sick for a week. This is the buying experience or the browser experience when executed to it’s fullest expression.

Are you creating this kind of experience on your site whether it is an infotainment site, an eCommerce site, a news site, or your brochureware site?  Why not? Do you know your audience? Do you segment your audience? Do you cater to the segments? Do you want to reach peak performance or enter a benchmark not thought possible? Most importantly, do you have the right tools, platform, and or brain trust to pull this off? What’s holding you back?


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