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Functionality, Content Management, and IT Intercession

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Your Website and Microsites are what breathe life into your company. The biggest annoyance for a Marketing, Merchandising, or Sales Executive is the process of controlling and updating content, and coordinating the occasional intercession of the IT department to perform these duties. All these issues live and breathe within the Website platform your organization has chosen or will choose.  Before you choose a platform or a new provider, don’t you think you should have a plan in place to reduce these vexations?

As a Marketing, Merchandising, or Sales Executive your site(s) are your largest generator of revenue and promotion. Content management and merchandising are your biggest priorities in maximizing the impact of your site(s) in the market place. When selecting a platform there are a few things that you should be looking for that will truly enhance your experience as well as your teams.

A Web development platform should…

  • Facilitate a high user centric experience via usage of drag and drop functionalities when authoring or editing you site(s)
  • Enable a degree of usability that is so easy to understand that you can upload and update content without the need of IT Department intercession
  • Capacitate product catalog uploads to be effortless when adding products and marketing
  • Allow fluid site and page navigation
  • Display an assortment of content display options and the permit real-time amendment capabilities
  • Provide the ability to segment and customize users and buying groups to create dedicated buying experiences
  • Impart the capability of creating microsites for more individualized user interactions

We have all interacted with websites that don’t get updated, are aesthetically unpleasant, are functionally inept, navigationally clumsy, and are stuck in a time warp. Having a modern, fluent, user-reactive platform experience for your Marketing, Merchandising, or Sales Executives will go a long way in building your business, website(s), and brand reputation while at the same time increasing revenue. Isn’t it time you start planning not only for customer experience but also user experience as well?


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