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Purging Bad Publicity: How Your Company Can Avoid Negative PR

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but in the uniform industry, that’s not the case. Clients count on you to keep their employees safe, comfortable, and productive. At the first suggestion that your uniforms can’t do this, they’ll leave you for another provider who can. It is thus essential for you to look out for bad publicity and respond quickly whenever it arises. The following tips will help you keep a bad reputation from spreading, ensuring that your company is perceived positively by all current and potential clients:

1. Break Down Bad Press

The first step to responding to negative stories about your product or company is to break them down. Often, harmful claims consist of some truths, some misunderstandings, and some dishonest or imagined ideas. For example, say that one of your clients’ employees in injured in an accident that their uniform was supposed to prevent. By studying how they were injured in detail, you may discover that they misunderstood how the uniform was supposed to protect them. Alternatively, they may have been wearing the uniform incorrectly, increasing the risk of a problem. By taking thee details into account, you can set the record straight on whether your product failed and what responsibility you bear.

2. Emphasize the Broader Context

A problem with one of your uniforms doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them are bad. It’s up to you to show clients the broader context of success rather than letting them focus on one failure. For example, say you promote your uniforms as lasting longer than gear from your competitors, and you can back this up with hard data showing that your clients don’t have to replace their uniforms as often. One of your clients then buys an outfit from you which falls apart after a month. Whatever the reason for this failure, it’s important to emphasize that it’s one bad result out of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of good ones. By highlighting the fact that your uniforms last longer on average, you make it clear that clients should not abandon your brand after the occasional problem.

3. Apologize & Make Amends

Even if a problem with your uniforms wasn’t really your fault or is not representative of your broader product line, it’s still important to take responsibility for it. Apologize to clients for letting a bad uniform get through or not showing them how to use it properly. Then make amends, offering some kind of discount or other benefit that is commensurate to the loss they suffered. Finally, do everything in your power to prevent this from happening again. Through these efforts, you show current and potential clients that you take their criticisms seriously and are committed to improving your company. They will thus trust you to continue to serve them well over the long haul.

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