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Choosing an eCommerce Platform for Your Company Promo Store

Table of Contents:

  • Different Variables to Consider When Choosing an eCommerce Platform
  • Do You Need to Group Your Customers for Special Incentives?
  • How Your Company Promo Store Can Benefit From Supplier Catalog Integrations
  • Choose a Platform That Helps Support Marketing Tools

There are a few questions you will have to answer before you get started on designing your eCommerce Website.

How much time and money do you need to spend on redoing your site? What interface will make it simple for your clients to shop?

By what means can you effectively deal with the backend of your site?choosing-an-ecommerce-platform-for-a-company-promo-store

That’s where a company store platform comes in.

Picking an eCommerce platform for your company promo store is an important decision, but you have to comprehend which one (out of many) will work best for the promotion of your business.

Different Variables to Consider When Choosing an eCommerce Platform

Not every eCommerce platform is the same.

Some take into account private companies are some intended for companies with larger budgets, and some come with a much higher price tag if they’re loaded with different features.

To find which eCommerce platform works best for you, take the following into consideration:

  • What’s your startup budget?
  • How big is your business?
  • What’s your target market?
  • What types of products will you be selling?
  • Is your business a startup or an established venture?
  • Is your business strictly an online store or does it include a physical location?

In addition, you’ll want to consider the price of the eCommerce platform.

Others have monthly charges and some may charge fees and commissions on sales.

Make sure you comprehend the continuous charges before you choose your platform.

Do you need to group your customers for special incentives?

A “store inside a store” option gives your clients a unique experience when they sign into their online store to shop and see their company logo, a customized welcome message, and all of the products they need.

When visiting your site, the Group Stores feature allows a website store owner to set up a VIP area for each of their special, select customers that are separate from regular shoppers.

With Group Stores you can offer your B2B gathering, corporate and government accounts a basic method to buy from you.

This well known “store inside a store” feature allows you to customize pricing and embroidery options for each company promotional store.

These private areas are normally utilized for a particular, individual B2B account.

They can likewise be utilized for individual offices, or divisions, inside that account.

Furthermore, the Group Store page can have visuals and messages exhibited that just those customers will see after logging in.

eCommerce owners are very much aware of the way that personalization is an ideal method to drive significant business development.

That’s where product personalization software comes in handy.

Online designer tools offer your customers a unique experience by providing them with powerful features that let you oversee customizations from the backend of your company store website.

A few designer tool features are:

  • Online Design: Allow your customers to choose from 10,000+ cliparts and designs. The personalization feature allows your enables your clients to customize items from t-shirts to corporate attire and everything in the middle, all from one device.
  • Print Technology Management: Dole out custom prices dependent on the product, material, how it will be printed, and many other factors. Depending on the product, you will also be able to switch on and off specific methods of printing.
  • Mobile Responsive Design: Empower your clients to structure their items in a hurry by utilizing our mobile responsive design studio.
  • Real-time Pricing: Give your customers an opportunity to make an informed decision as they add or remove specific design elements, select materials, print settings, etc while receiving real-time pricing.
  • B2B Portal: Take full control of your store with the convenience of supplier catalogs with an online designer tool offer customization and private stores in one place.

When it comes to understanding what your customers want, product customization is one of the best tools to have at your disposal. Supplier catalogs like Sanmar, Alphabroder, and BIC Graphic all utilize their Custom Apparel Department utilizes its system of solid contacts to create quality items at an affordable cost, while also delivering top notch customer service to their clients.

If you keep track of this real-time information you will almost certainly keep yourself refreshed about progressing market patterns, desires, and the development of your clients needs.

How Your Company Promo Store Can Benefit From Supplier Catalog Integrations

With a third party eCommerce site, managing your product inventory has never been easier.

B2B companies need to be able to share supplier catalogs with customs within their own company stores.

They also need to be able to integrate supplier catalogs from their suppliers.

Being able to import inventories from your providers will enable you to make new items, update estimating, and update item retails at a quicker rate.

This is a feature corporate apparel stores can really benefit from.

For example: A company like Sellers Commerce integrates with your enterprise applications, back-end systems, and processes. With a full-featured shopping cart, Sellers Commerce allows customers to browse through thousands of products in a smooth and secure connectivity with payment and shipping gateways to provide an amazing shopping experience.

A few Benefits of Supplier Catalog & Suppliers Management are:

  • Product Catalog Management: Manage your catalog and product management while creating your own bundles and kits from one place.
  • Secure Catalog Management: Transfer, oversee and sort item inventory dependent on your business needs. Provide your clients with consistent information about all products.
  • Custom Products Management: Give predefined structure in your products and have it geared towards your business needs. Customize prices, designs, templates and more from a single admin panel.
  • Import & Export Products in Bulk: Bulk product import and export functionalities to multiple stores and suppliers as well as list products in CSV format for easy processing.
  • Brand Syndication: Brand syndication allows manufacturers to connect to retailers in order to track sales, traffic to the site, product returns, and more.
  • Inventory Alerts: Get inventory alerts sent directly to your cell phone, email, or admin and set inventory trigger alerts.
  • One Click Subscription: Subscribe to thousands of supplier products with one click.

When done effectively, managing a product catalog can help reduce operating costs and improve data accuracy.

It can also improve order and price accuracy, as well as reduce the costs of labor for customers.

Choose a Platform That Helps Support Marketing Tools for Increasing Traffic and Sales

Drawing in new clients and rustling up constant business are critical worries for any retail location, and when it comes to the success of your online store, repeat business is an absolute necessity – especially for smaller and independently owned stores.

In the present retail space, coupons are among the best approaches to doing so.

Over the years, providing discount coupons and promotional codes have become a key strategy for eCommerce.

Offering discounts, free shipping or tempting customers to fill in surveys can help lead to an increase in sales.

But don’t worry; a well-run campaign will more than makeup for any discounts or promotional codes offered.

With that being said, here are some benefits of using promotional features:

  • Reward Client Dedication and Construct Your Image’s Notoriety: Coupons for eCommerce are an incredible method to compensate custom loyalty, especially for employees who are looking to make a purchase in the employee apparel store and in need of uniform embroidery online. Also, happy customers are more likely to tell others about your brand through word of mouth. Free shipping is also a beneficial promotion in eCommerce that can help push customers to make a purchase that maybe they were undecided on. Use it to your advantage for repeat purchases.
  • Increase Traffic and Sales: eCommerce grows each year, and it’s progressing rapidly. Customers are continuously inclined to shop through online stores, and flexible shopping by means of mobile phones is big right now. Discounts and promotional offers give customers a positive point of view of your brand image, and an increase in sales will outweigh any product markdown. In addition, when you share coupons via social media, you can guide individuals to your webpage and online store – which leads to an increase in sales.
  • Draw Customers’ Attention to New Products: Coupons are a great way to showcase your products or services. Some retailers offer free products just for filling out a survey or registering on their website, but place a time limit to add a sense of urgency. Keep in mind that coupons aren’t just for new products. Offer any leftover products in a giveaway to help draw attention.
  • Capture Contact Details and Customer Data: Staying in touch with your customers by sharing updates and building relationships is vital to your business, and can help encourage leads and bring back returning customers. If you’re looking to increase followers, build on a strong social media presence. If you’re looking to generate leads, consider creating an email marketing campaign to showcase your promotional features.
  • Provide Specific Customer Behaviors: Before you plan your market strategy in detail, make sure you have a list of specific goals you want to achieve, such as getting a customer to sign up for a monthly newsletter or fill out a survey. Whether you’re trying to get customers to sign up for a newsletter, try out a new app, make purchases on a specific date or spark impulse purchase, use coupons to help motivate and provide specific customer behaviors.

Remember: regardless of whether your business is entirely or generally worked on the web, it’s vital to to know that there’s an entire world out there beyond the screen of your PC – a world brimming with individuals you can reach face to face.

Consider going to a tradeshow, an expo, a social celebration, or anywhere you can rub elbows with individuals inspired by your merchandise and ventures.

Hand out business cards and promotional material that comes with a special coupon code as well.

Move Forward With Your Company Promo Store With Innovative eCommerce Solutions From the Promotional Industry Experts

At Sellers Commerce, our main goal is to empower organizations with the best technology solutions, so organizations can concentrate on what they excel at.

Our experience with providing online solutions for clients has allowed us to build the most dynamic platforms for any business need!

If you’re business is in need of a comprehensive B2C & B2B eCommerce solution that serves more than 1000 customers, contact us to learn more about our services.

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