BlogProduct UpdatesIntroducing Linesheets Studio: Create Elegant Line Sheets & Catalogs in Minutes That Converts Prospects Faster Than an Average Sales Rep. No Design Skills Needed.

Introducing Linesheets Studio: Create Elegant Line Sheets & Catalogs in Minutes That Converts Prospects Faster Than an Average Sales Rep. No Design Skills Needed.

What is Linesheets Studio?

Linesheets Studio by SellersCommerce is a powerful sales software that leverages an intuitive UI, easy-to-use design tools, drag & drop functionalities, attractive design templates, among a slew of other handy features to create, design, and edit catalogs, line sheets, and flyers, in minutes without any design skills. 

This tool helps sales professionals work independently without depending on graphic designers to do multiple changes in the line sheets as the prospects go through various stages of the sales cycle. The sales reps can do the changes as required on the fly and send updated line sheets to their prospects immediately as high-quality PDFs or web page links and start collecting orders.

Enjoy Trailblazing Features

Linesheets Studio works by automating the process of creating catalogs and line sheets that enables the sales team to work independently and enjoy complete freedom in nurturing prospects into paying customers. Let’s take a look at its fascinating features:

1. Easily design stunning catalogs & line sheets without the help of a designer

Linesheets Studio offers a host of design tools and functionalities to help sales reps create attractive line sheets in no time. Just upload products, add relevant details, choose a design template, throw in brand design elements (if needed), and a high-quality line sheet will be sitting ready at your fingertips to be shared with your prospects as PDFs or web page links.

2. Drive more sales with in-built order management

With Linesheets Studio, sales reps can create line sheets customized to a particular prospect and share them across as a link which they can use to place orders too. This feature enables faster conversions where the prospect can order while viewing the products without visiting the main eCommerce portal.

3. Integration with eCommerce platform

Taking orders with line sheets? No worries! Linesheets Studio easily integrates with your eCommerce platform to sync your sales and inventory, thereby giving you seamless control over all your sales channels.

Catalog Builder by SellersCommerce

Linesheets Studio Has Big Benefits to Offer

With less time spent creating line sheets, sales reps can now focus more on nurturing prospects into paying customers and start nailing the revenue goals. The following are some of the key benefits Catalog Builder can provide:

1. Sales team enjoys more freedom: They will no longer have to depend on graphic designers to create/edit line sheets, catalogs, and flyers for innumerable prospects. With Linesheets Studio’s easy-to-use design tools, sales reps can create everything on their own and nurture prospects better. This in turn reduces internal friction to boost productivity.

2. Achieve a better conversion rate: By giving prospects the option to place orders while exploring the products, sales reps can reduce the average decision-making time for consumers and get faster closures.

3. Sell from anywhere & everywhere: Easily create high-quality line sheets and share with your customers as PDF or web page links and start taking orders. No need to visit them on the ground.

4. Let your brand do the talking: Use Linesheets Studio’s easily customizable design templates to include your brand elements and design language in the line sheets and lookbooks.

Catalog Builder templates

Why It Helps to Automate Catalog Creation

In the off-line world, creating catalogs & line sheets can prove to be a time-intensive exercise that will require graphic designers and sales experts to work together. Because the final product, besides being visually attractive, should be compelling enough to get the sales in.

But in the eCommerce era today, businesses cannot afford to spend so much time creating catalogs or line sheets manually to market our products and reach our sales goals.

They need things in real-time, lest the customer switches tabs on his mobile/iPad and hop over to another seller who is doing it faster. They need something that takes the man out of the manual to automate the catalogs and line sheets creation process. Something to equip the sales team with enough design arsenal to create & edit stunning lookbooks and product presentations on the fly. Something that sets the design team free from the hassles of repeated price edits and product updates in vital marketing collaterals. Something that sets the business up for maximum success in minimum time and zero hassles. 

Final Thoughts

If you are a manufacturer with your product line and internal dependencies are limiting the growth of your business, it is time to get your hands on this state-of-the-art tool.

Linesheets Studio is easy to use, integrates with eCommerce, and offers a plethora of design features to completely automate your catalogs and line sheets creation process to create more bandwidth for your sales team to focus on what really matters: nurturing the prospects and nailing the sales goals.

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