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SellersCommerce (and your stores) is getting better!

First and foremost, all of us here at SellersCommerce are hoping you and your family are staying safe and healthy during COVID-19.

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We just wanted to remind you that SellersCommerce is committed to delivering a reliable, dependable service and give the best in technology and support to our loyal customers. As part of our continuous innovations and improvements, we are upgrading our Infrastructure in light of the current situation. 

What it means for you:
With a more stable and reliable infrastructure, the system and site performance will improve, which in turn helps will help with business advancement.
When is it scheduled?
  April 11th, 2020  12AM – 4AM CST

What to expect?

There will be three key phases for this upgrade.
1) Preparation (04/09/2020 – 04/10/2020):
During this phase, the SellersCommerce platform will be locked down during our updates. While orders can still be placed and everything will work as usual on the front-end, we request our customers strictly not to add any content through the CMS or upload / update any data on our systems.
2) Upgradation (04/11/2020 @ 12AM – 4AM CST):
The platform and websites will be nonoperational during this phase.
3) Performance and Other Checks (04/11/2020 – 4AM  CST onwards):
Our engineering team will continue to monitor the new systems and make sure everything works – free of glitches or errors.
What about Support?
Our engineering team is committed to making this transition as smooth as possible. But, if you notice anything that needs to be addressed immediately, please feel free to reach out to us. 
Our Customer Success Team is here to help you:
Head of Customer Success – Raghu Thotakara : 847- 656-5770 ext: 416

?Customer Success Manager – Ryan Quinn : 847-656-5770 ext: 3006

Tech specifications for those using integration / API connections to our systems:

Below is the list of IP addresses that needs to be added/allowed/whitelisted in your systems/ network for FTP/API Connection establishments with SellersCommerce Network. (ports 21 and 990) (ports 21 and 990)
* This action can happen as soon as the maintenance window is completed
(i.e., at 4AM CST on 11th April, 2020)


We thank you greatly for your continued loyalty and support during this transition. And together, we’ll succeed and lead during these unprecedented times.
As always, we wish the best for our customers!