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The Effective B2B Microsite Experience

In this post I am going to discuss how to maximize your microsites effect on your customers. This is a very pertinent subject to today’s ever-expanding eCommerce landscape. The online countryside at times can be a vast wasteland of archaic and clunky microsites, that promise much, deliver little, and cause a lot of headaches in between. 

Traditionally, microsites are aimed toward specific audiences, that have distinct sets of needs.  Since these purchasers are unique, it is necessary to create an experience that will reflect their implicit and projected expectations.

In general, you will have 4 sets of B2B buyers who will be interacting with your microsites

  • Group Buyers
  • Individual Buyers
  • Company Employees
  • Individuals or groups being targeted by specific Marketing or Editorial content

The groups or individuals interacting with your microsite(s) are going to need a customized experience to get the most out of their encounter with your site(s). The major question that arises is how do you do this effectively? Lucky for my readers, I have the answer below.

Necessities for an Effective Microsite

  • Specific content or topic that is relevant and targeted to the audience you are directing it to
  • Products and Information that exhibit merit and value and that are unique to your defined purchasing groups
  • Design that is navigationally fluid and aesthetically captivating
  • Site layout that creates an individualized user experience

Implementing the four bullet points above will effectively enhance your microsite’s ability to maximize user experience. It is important to enhance site interaction and create a more targeted experience to gain consumer mindshare, purchase repetition, and brand loyalty. In the end, the microsite customer, and their experience drives your overall ability to be profitable.